Asus Router Default Password & Username: Login Guide

Asus Router Default Password & username is required to log in to the control panel. Most routers of nowadays have their own default password & username which users can use to get access to manage all the settings of their router. If you are also one of the Asus Router users and looking for the default password then you have come to the right page.

Because, here, we will not only provide you the credential to log in, we will also guide you through it to make sure you easily log in and access the settings of your Asus Router. Now, without any delay, let’s start this article.

About Asus Router Login Credential

There are different Router models from the Asus brand and there is no guarantee that you will be able to access the web control panel using the universal username & password. But, in most of its router, the default username & password works flawlessly since Asus has made the same password & username for the majority of its router.

There are only a few routers from the Asus brand that has a different username & password. And you will also need to use a different IP to access the login page for your router. Well, the Asus Router login page can be accessed by typing on the Address bar. On that page, you will find the default design & login box of the Asus router. Also, the page will automatically detect your Asus router model and display it there.

That way, you can also determine your Asus router model which will help you find the correct password & username from the list below.

Asus Router Default Password (Complete List) 2020

Here is an updated list of Asus Router Default Password with their model name 2020:

AsusWL500g Deluxeadminadmin

Make sure you use the appropriate username & password based on the Asus Router model you are using. So, now you have got the default router password & username, let me guide you on how to login to the Asus Router control panel.

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Login Asus Router Control Panel

In order to login to your Asus Router control panel, you must have a couple of things that are required. If you don’t have the necessary requirements then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to log in easily.


  • Asus Router
  • Internet Up & running
  • A PC or Tablet or Phone with Internet access support

Once you have the above stuff, you are all set to follow the process.

Steps to Log in to Asus Router CPanel

Login Asus Router CPanel
Asus Router Login Page
  • Firstly, open your favorite browser on the Device.
  • Enter one of the IP Address [] as per your router model on the Address bar. To find the correct IP address, look in the backside of your Asus router box.
  • After that, press enter & you will get redirected to the login page of Asus Router.
  • Enter the correct username & password in the login fields which is admin and click on the Sign-in button.

These straightforward steps will help you log in to the CPanel of your Asus router. The password will always be the default “admin” until you change it from the settings in CPanel. If you want to change the login password then you can continue reading.

Reset Login Password for Asus Router

It is always a better move to change the default password to secure your router from misuse. However, with the default password, anyone can log in to your Asus Router CPanel and view the WiFi password and can use your costly Internet data. To avoid such type of misuse, you should have a unique login password for your Asus router. To reset the Asus Router password, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, launch the browser on your tablet or mobile or PC that is connected to your Asus Router.
  2. Then enter the IP Address of your router in the Address bar i.e, and press the Enter button.
  3. Now, log in to the CPanel by using the default username & password. If you remember, the default login credentials are “admin” for both (Username, Password).
  4. After that, click on status and then go to the Security option.
  5. Click on the dropdown icon to see the Reset password & username option. And then enter new values as per your wish. That’s it.

After changing your login credential to a new & unique one, your Asus router will become more secure. To make it more secure, you can also change the WiFi password. Let me also teach you how to change the Asus Router WiFi password.

Reset Asus Router WiFi Password

Your Asus Router will become 50% secure after changing the default login credentials. To 100% secure it, you should change the WiFi password once every 2 months. Well, you can easily Reset Asus Router WiFi password by following the steps below.

1st Step: Login into the CPanel of your Asus Router.

2nd Step: Once you are on the Dashboard, click on the Administrative settings.

3rd Step: Then click on the Wireless panel option.

Reset Asus Router WiFi Password
Asus Router Wireless Options

4th Step: Select the SSID with the WiFi-Band (only if your router supports multiple bands)

5th Step: Select WEP/WEP2 as your password protection type.

Reset Asus Router WiFi Password
Changing Asus Router WiFi Password

6th Step: Enter your new password for WiFi and then click on the Apply button. That’s it.

Now you have successfully changed the WiFi password on your Asus Router. By doing this, the devices which were using your Router & accessing the internet won’t be able to connect now, they will require the new password to connect.

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How do I find the password for my Asus router?

Asus router has a default password that almost every model supports. And that is “admin”. They didn’t provide the password in manual or instruction paper because they have made the same password for every Router model. You can also ask the password from their showroom or service center.

What is the default IP address for Asus Router?

The default IP address for most of the Asus router is Apart from that, some users also use,,, etc.

How do I reset my Asus Router Password?

You can use the default Asus Router username & password to log in to the admin panel. And from there, you can easily reset your Asus Router WiFi password as well as the Login password.


Asus Router configuration & control panel interface is so simple, anyone can easily navigate and understand the settings. But in the beginning, it is better to follow instructions provided by the Asus. We have extracted the instructions and curated this article for all the beginners of the Asus Router.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful to read and you have got the Asus Router Default Password & username? If so, share it with your friends and let them know about it. Also, let us know if you are still facing any issue regarding Asus Router in the comments below.

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