Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat: What Does it Mean?

So, you have finally seen a grey arrow on Snapchat and looking for its meaning. Well, the grey arrow check is an indicator that is designed to spell undelivered snap. It is a less famous indicator and we usually don’t encounter it as much as other Snapchat indicators. It usually shows a grey arrow for a sent snap that cannot be read by the receiver.

Now, don’t get confused by undelivered snaps, if a message, photo, or video is not delivered in Snapchat and it shows a grey arrow then it means the person you are trying to chat with is no longer your friend or the friend request is still pending. Well, in this article, you’ll learn everything about the grey arrow check on Snapchat; what it is, what it means, and more. Let’s dig in.

About Snapchat Message Indicators

Snapchat is popular but it is not just another social media app. However, unlike other social apps, it has its own indicators that are designed for different types of content that we usually share i.e photos, videos, text messages, etc. For every type of content, a unique indicator shows up that helps both receiver and sender understand the content shared in the chat. Here are some Snapchat indicators and their meaning:

Grey Arrow Check
  • Blue Arrow indicates chat messages
  • Red Arrow indicates snap without audio
  • Purple Arrow indicates snap with audio, typically videos
  • Grey Arrow indicates undelivered chat messages or snaps

The Snapchat indicators help the receiver understand what type of content is being sent to him or her without actually opening it. One can easily guess what type of content has been received or sent by just looking at the color-coded icon beside the snap. Snapchat indicators have been made to make the chatting experience easier for users.

What is Grey Arrow Check?

Among Snapchat indicators, the grey arrow check is the most confusing. It is not common and we usually don’t encounter this indicator as much as other indicators on the platform. However, it occurs to users occasionally, usually when a snap is sent to a person who is no longer on the friend list or the friend request is yet to be accepted.

It also shows up in the scenario where you are trying to communicate with a person who has blocked or unfriended you. So, overall, Grey Arrow Check is an indication of communication is not possible between you and the person you are trying to chat with on Snapchat.

What Does Grey Arrow Check Mean?

Grey Arrow Check

If you are new to Snapchat, you may wonder at some time “what does grey arrow check mean?“. As we said above that Snapchat is not just another social media app, it has created its own indicators for the chat and every indicator has a unique meaning. Well, if you have received a grey arrow check from someone on Snapchat then it means he or she checking whether you two are friends.

Most users on Snapchat follow this practice to check if the friend request has been accepted or not. Users can simply get to know by sending a snap, video, text message, etc, through chat and if it results in a grey arrow check, they get to know that the friend request is yet to be accepted.

Grey Arrow Check is a great way to find out if someone has unfriended you on Snapchat. The platform itself doesn’t notify users whenever they get unfriended or blocked because of privacy concerns, you have to find that out using this manual method. Just send a bunch of snaps to people and if any of them results in a grey arrow, you’ve found the sad person.

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Will Grey Arrow Check Ever Change?

The only scenario in which the grey arrow check can change is when the person accepts your friend request or unblocks you. It will be changed to the colored indicator depending on the content you’ve sent. Also, the Snapchat notification will let know whenever a person re-friends or accept your friend request. And once it happens, your snap will go through the chat and the person will be able to view it including the old ones.

The grey arrow won’t automatically change, you’ve to wait for the other person to re-add you or accept your friend request. That is how basically the grey arrow check changes in Snapchat.

Grey Arrow Check FAQs

Users of Snapchat often ask questions related to the Grey Arrow Check. We have picked the most frequently asked questions and answered them below. If your question has not been answered here then you can ask us directly using the comments section.

How to Respond to Grey Arrow Check?

Grey Arrow Check is a weird thing but people still use it to check whether someone has unfriended them on Snapchat. If you have received a Grey Arrow Check from someone, it is not necessary to respond. Unless you know the person who is trying to communicate, you should ignore that. If you decide to respond to a Grey Arrow then simply accept the request of the person whose snap resulting a grey arrow and then respond through the chat.

That’s the only way you can respond to a grey arrow check. Most of the time, you don’t have to care about it.

What Can You Do About Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat?

Generally, you can’t do anything about the grey arrow check because it is not in your control. You have to wait for the other person to accept your request or unblock you if you’ve been blocked previously for any reason. The communication can’t be established without approval, if you continuously try to send snaps, it will result in Grey Arrow Check every time.

How to Get Rid of Grey Arrow Check?

If you want to get rid of Grey Arrow Check then you can contact the person whom you are trying to communicate with using other platforms like any other social profile, email, phone call, etc, and tell them “hey, please accept my request on SNAPCHAT”.

And if you are the target, receiving Grey Arrow Check from multiple chats that you don’t know personally then you can simply ignore them, there is no way to get rid of them. Just let it be as it is and move on with what you care about.


Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat is just an uncommon indicator that appears whenever you send a snap or text message to a person who has not accepted your friend request or blocked you. Snapchat never notifies users whenever they get blocked by someone on the platform, they only get to know that when they see Grey Arrow Check while trying to communicate via chat.

So far, we’ve discussed every aspect of Grey Arrow Check as promised. In case you still have any doubts left, the comment section is open for you.

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