What are the Best Online Text Editors for Bloggers to Use?

Online Text editors? A blank box to enter data? What it is and why you need it? What are the best options for you? Oh, relax! Don’t worry, all these queries of you will be answered below. As a Blogger, we do a lot of writing to create the best text-based content for our blogs. And if your text editor isn’t good enough then you might need to make a change.

There is no point in using a laggy, slow editor with fewer features. Because there are plenty of the best online text editors out there. And we are going to introduce the top five of them in this article. Now, let’s begin.

What is Text Editor?

It is software that allows you to enter the file, document, or data you want to edit. It’s a blank scrollable page in which you can import your document, copy and paste your data and can edit it into a whole new document.

Yes, it is true. You just have to put in the material you want to check and make changes to. Text editor provides you the services like inserting tables, columns, links, media to it, you can edit the font style, check grammar, check plagiarism, and can save a file from one format to another.

Isn’t it cool? Of course, it is, what else you need when you can get everything required by you at one platform. Not only this text editors also provide you with the source coding that you can use to edit source codes of different programs. You can use this tool to create technical manuals. A text editor is a great opportunity for writers and bloggers to avail themselves to make their content impressive and error-free.

Why so Significant and Engaging?

When you are about to upload some content on the internet or to submit any document to the executive it is very crucial to have it error-free. Error? It may include plagiarism, grammar mistake, the absence of required tables or media, etc., this can affect your reputation and can have consequences for your future endeavors. To tackle all these issues internet has brought forth some great text editors for you.

Where you can differentiate the importance of text editor from Microsoft Word, as MS Word provides you all editing tools almost. But when it comes to complex coding language or fabricating your own website you need some impressively extra features to your service that’s where text editors are the saviors.

Content creators, bloggers, and website creators all need text editors today to craft the best piece of writing. To convey the content to the people in a limited time period with assured effectiveness is not possible without these Text Editors. When we talk about some exceptionally outstanding features of text editors some of them are debugging (identifying and removing errors), syntax highlighting, code templates and bookmarks, and much more.

There are different types of editors available for you such as stream editors where you can enter and edit a whole paragraph, line editors allow you to only edit one single line at a time, structure editors and screen editors, etc.

Now let’s see what options you have for text editors.

Best Online Text Editors

We have following great options we can avail in 2021.

  • Prepostseo
  • EditPad
  • 4 HTML Text Editor
  • MyTextArea
  • WriteURL

1. Prepostseo

Online Text Editors

Contributing to the list of these amazing tools you will get Prepostseo. It presents you with some truly great features like source coding, find and replace, preview, page break, nonbreaking space, insert/edit links, most interestingly you get to add emoticons here which is very rare but it’s not the end to its features. You can share your file on Facebook and Twitter, you can check grammar, plagiarism and can save your file as a document or PDF form.

2. EditPad

Online Text Editors

EditPad tool permits you to enter your data and click the button to save/download your document in text. It is one of the finest tools you have on the internet. If you press the more button present there you get many features like spell check, sentence count, and insert symbols, and so on. You can open your file in a pop-up window to keep your display precise. Another online text editor that we have is 4 HTML Text Editor.

3. 4 HTML Text Editor

Online Text Editors
4 HTML Text Editor

HTML editors are the ones with the richest features and offer you many options to use. It is one of the best tools from the list mentioned here. You can change the format of the document, can adjust the font size, revert the text back, add and remove the links and redo as well as undo the text and the list goes on. The next option that you have with you is MyTextArea.

4. MyTextArea

Online Text Editors

It is an easy, quick, and plain text editor you can use. It has several features for your service like plain text editing, word count, and bookmarks and even you can share your file or content with the people you want on Twitter and Facebook by just clicking a single button. This tool enables you to save your file online so you can come back whenever required to make changes to it.

5. WriteURL

Online Text Editors

WriteURL gives you an ample amount of features to alter your text by adding links, inserting date/time, import CSS, you have image tools, paste, print, preview, change in font size, color and type, and many more. Through this tool, you can upload your file on social media and even can share it with others through email.

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To save time and formatting your files fast you just need to have a good internet connection so you can have access to these very beneficial online text editors. You can use them anywhere through your system. The best part is the text editors we have mentioned above comes with robust features and you can use them to edit more than just plain text.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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