Top 5 Best Android Apps for Bloggers Who love Using Android

Best Android Apps for Bloggers is like Getting free food to beggars. That level of Happiness! Bloggers love Android content and most of the Bloggers write only about Android content. Right? If you are a Blogger and Reading this post, you are blessed today! Because After the end of this post, you will get 5 Best Android Apps for Bloggers. Excited?

So, first, let me tell you about this post like what you really get after reading this. Like what worthwhile? In this blog post, you will see Best Android Apps for Bloggers. Those apps for bloggers are rated and adds some value to bloggers.

Stick with me tightly, because these apps for bloggers are going to shock you with their features. Now let’s get started…

Now let’s take some necessary things which are important for you to know. And this is because I want you to know everything about Best Apps for Bloggers.

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Why Such Android Apps important for bloggers?

Best Android apps for Blogger is more important than anything else in their life. Because Android Apps can be utilized in any area or situation. Most bloggers are busy person they don’t have too much time for something to do except blogging!

So, In this busy life, the only lonely things bloggers have is Android phones! The phones which reserved one of the pant pockets of bloggers.

By the way which pant pocket you like for placing your android phone? Mine is front right!

Now seriously, bloggers love unleashing things! They explore things and try different things every day to get new popular good headlines for writing.

So, can you think what is something available in this world that delivers feed fast? Well, be honest with you its an Android News app. Not the newspapers or TV news!

The generation is changing and now we are in the 21st century and there everything is possible. So, For receiving feed fast, an Android news app is very important for them.

Likewise, there are many similar apps that are important for bloggers for their works. Now, let me unleash those top 5 Android Apps for bloggers which are super important for them.

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What are the Best Apps for Bloggers?

Best Apps for Bloggers means the types of Android apps which add massive value to Bloggers by utilizing such apps.

Best Apps for Bloggers should be Productive so they can do productivity all the time even when they are busy or alone with their phones.

Now let me show you those important apps for bloggers. Here are the top 5 best Android apps for Bloggers:

1. Blogger

Blogger Official App of Android will help you in managing your Blog of Blogger in your Android. This app has a bunch of permissions to access your Blog. Like Writing New Post, Editing the Published one, Drafted post, etc. Writing a new post section gives you facilities like Title, Content, Image adding, label, etc. At the start, you have to select the Gmail you want to log in with the app and all the blogs will come into the Blogger app. And In case if you want to log out in the Blogger app, just head over to the settings and at the bottom, you will log out button. Just tap on it and you can again log in with another Gmail.

2. Google Analytics

Analytics is also a helping Android app for Bloggers. It helps bloggers to Properly analyze the activities their visitors are doing after entering into posts. Using Google Analytics is very simple and I believe anyone can operate it by giving time to it. Yes! It is hard to understand at the start but once you play with it regularly. You will eventually start becoming the master of it. Google Analytics is one of the best apps for reading the Visitor mind because it shows the metrics of visitors like Real-time means users right now on your Blog, Audience overview which includes the total users, sessions, and new users. It also shows Behavior Overview which includes Avg. session duration, bounce rate, Pageview, pages per session, number of sessions per user, etc.

To set up it, you need to install the app and open it up. Click on get started> select the account> and your user’s metrics will start showing in the app. It needs to be set up first with its web version and to set it up you need a tracking code that you will found on the google analytics website. In Google Analytics sign up or in with your Gmail, add the website you want to track. And go to the property of the site you added then go to tracking info. There you will get tracking code, just copy it and paste it in your Website’s “<Head>” Section. After just run a test it working or not by sending traffic to your website. If it starts showing the user is present, congrats!

3. Google Adsense

Adsense or Google Adsense app allows you to check many metrics about your Website connected with it. In Adsense, you can check your Estimated Earnings of Today, Yesterday, This month, last month and Lifetime Earnings. You will also check the word versus. How much you have earned this month vs. the previous month, how much you have earned today vs. yesterday. It does not end! It Also shows various things about connected websites like Page Views, Impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Impression CTR, CPC fo the Day, Page RPM, Impression RPM and more.

To Operate it you need to install and open it up. After opening the app it will ask to select the Account you have been put on your Phone. In case if you haven’t added the Gmail Id on your phone you can add it by click on the “add account”. And enter the Email and Password and you will be redirected to log in with that account in Google Adsense.

To log in with other accounts just open the Adsense app, click on three lines at the left top. Tap on the aero button, select the account you want to log in with and you will be redirected or logged in with it in Google Adsense.

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4. Writer

No time to write blogs? Well, the Writer is a Productive app that allows you to write things on the way. It has a simple interface, no hectic or No confusion to find the things. This Writer App has amazing writing functions like headlines, paragraphs, Italic, Bold, Point writing, bullet points and more. And it has amazing document details like Document statistics include words, characteristics. It also has a Reading time feature which shows the time you need to read the complete written words. That’s amazing! Right?

In order to operate it, you need to install the app. After just open it up and you will see a welcome message. Just click on it and read a little bit to get understand the writing function. After figuring out things, just start expressing your thoughts there.

5. Feedly – Get smarter

Feedly is the best App for bloggers to updated with the latest news. This App allows you to follow your FAV blog, magazines, and other resources. It has all the information you need to keep ahead. Like you want to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, tech, etc. It’s all in one place! It has easy to read fonts, easy to share at any platform, easy to learn from resources.

To start using it you need to install on your Android. After just open it up, log in or sign up and you are all done. Select the categories you want most to read and similarly setup things to personize your experience. That’s it! You will start receiving articles every day with updated information. I highly suggest getting connected with Feedly because over time it will increase your knowledge.

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Note: These are Best for Bloggers according to me! I well tested them before including in this article. These Apps will add some value to your Blogging career if you start using them on your Android device.


Adding these apps for bloggers on your Android will improve personality as well as knowledge. So, if you are a blogger and want to be more productive in a busy life. Just adopt these best apps for bloggers in the App list.

Blogger Android app will help you to manage everything of your web blogger. To get that work just install and login with the same Gmail you use for logging in Blogger.

Google Analytics and Google Adsense are pretty well applications to manage audience behavior. Use Adsense if you want to improve your earning by analyzing today’s revenue vs. yesterday along with impression and click. And go to Analytics to track the behavior and sessions. Try to find where your audience stays more.

To improve your productivity use Writer and Feedly. They are a productive application. Both are super helpful for Bloggers.

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So, hope you like this one? If so consider sharing with your friends. And bloggers please improve your Productivity with these Android apps. Because if you stay productive, your followers will be productive. And that’s your mission of being a blogger. Right? Best of luck!

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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