How to Check PUBG Mobile Guns Detail in PUBG Mobile Game

You don’t need an additional platform to check PUBG Mobile Guns detail. All the Guns in PUBG mobile are listed in the game with all possible details like Power, Recoil, Range, Firing Speed, and capacity. And checking the guns power and other details can help you to choose the best guns in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, it will help in owning the Chicken Dinner every time you play the match. Most of the PUBG Mobile players don’t know the official and true source to check PUBG Mobile Guns detail. And they end up suffering trying to kill their opponents with unknown guns which lead to their death in the match.

And getting killed instantly after landing in the PUBG Mobile match decreases ranking which leads to low feeling and down in reputation. In most cases when we land, there’s gunfight starts and Player who gets the powerful and fast reloading gun wins and survives till the end. And picking the right gun at the first land can also earn you more kills.

The point is if you are a PUBG Mobile player, you should definitely know the details of all the guns PUBG Mobile have. So, when you get in the game, you choose the right gun for the right circumstance and that will earn you the Chicken Dinner.

Why Check PUBG Mobile Guns Detail?

There is a strong reason behind checking the PUBG Mobile Guns Detail; to kill the opponents and win the Chicken Dinner. Knowing the Guns detail can help you to decide the best gun for you. Like everyone one else, you have a different strategy to play the game and to best match your strategy with guns, you gotta be knowing every gun available in PUBG Mobile game.

How to Check PUBG Mobile Guns Detail (Official Method)

Here is the step by step process to check PUBG Mobile Guns detail without using external source:

  1. First, start the PUBG Mobile game and Log in with Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Close the offers and deals PUBG Mobile offering.
  3. Now, tap on Armory from the bottom. In the armory section, you will be able to see all guns PUBG Mobile has.
  4. Tap on any gun to check its stats like Power, Recoil, Range, Firing Speed, Capacity, etc.
  5. In the center, you will be able to see the pictures of guns to visualize in your mind. Like how the specific gun looks.
  6. Even you can add other pieces of equipment in the gun like sights, Muzzle, Mag, Foregrip, Stock, etc. And see the impact in stats those equipment add in the gun from top right.
  7. At top left, you will see the bullets size of the particular gun along with the gun name.

So, that’s how you can check PUBG Mobile Guns detail in the game without using any external source.

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