Netflix MOD APK Download Latest v7.90.0 For Android 2021

Netflix MOD APK Download: It is a modified version that comes with additional features that are not available in the official app. The demand for video streaming apps & websites is a never-ending thing because entertainment is something we all consume on a day-to-day basis. Some have the option to sit at home and enjoy TV shows, movies on TV channels but those who don’t have this much freedom can opt for Netflix.

Generally, Netflix requires a subscription plan in order to enjoy the content on the platform but this isn’t compulsory when you have Netflix Mod APK. And this Mod is specifically made for those who want to get a glimpse of the Netflix platform before actually subscribing to its plan. Well, in this article, we are going to provide the Netflix MOD APK download link and instructions to get started right away.

What is Netflix MOD APK?

Before we provide you the download link, let me explain what is Netflix MOD? So, it is basically a forked or modified version of the original Netflix App. Design & look wise, it is no different than the stock app. But, Yes, there are differences in features but the overall look & design is the same as Netflix App. In the Mod app, you will get all the features & content that Netflix offers but on top of that, you will get some advanced features.

It provides an ad-free experience & unlimited streaming options i.e there is no limit on content consumption. You can watch as many movies or seasons as you want every single day without any barrier. The Netflix MOD APK also doesn’t require an account (Password & Username). This means you can enjoy the Netflix content without having to pay for its subscription. That’s a fantastic advantage of the latest Netflix Mod APK v7.90.0.

Moreover, there are more such benefits of using it that we will show you later in this article. Now, I hope the question “what is Netflix Mod” is clear to you. Let us provide you the link to download its latest version.

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Download Netflix MOD APK Latest v7.90.0 Updated 2021

Latest Netflix MOD APK
Netflix MOD APK Download

In the updated version of Netflix MOD APK, you are going to see some new features as well as a new layout & design. The whole UI has changed and now it looks prettier than ever before. Well, it not only has updated UI but now it also has features that take care of important things i.e Ban problem, auto app close, etc. If you had gone through these issues in the previous app version then you should immediately download the latest Netflix MOD APK.

Let me first show you some important details about the Netflix MOD APK file.

File Details

NameNetflix MOD
Size13 MB
Android Requires5.0
MOD FeaturesNo Login, Unlimited Streaming
Last updated19 February 2021

You can tap the below button to start downloading the latest Netflix MOD APK for Android.

How to Install Netflix MOD APK on Android Safely

As it is a modified app, you should follow the right steps to install it on any Android phone. This will avoid pointless issues & you will be able to use Netflix MOD safely on your phone. Most modified apps nowadays get blocked by the Play Protect which is a robust security feature of the Google Play Store. Just follow the proper instructions listed below to safely install it on any Android phone.

1st Step: Open Google Play Store and click on the menu icon from the left side. And then click on the Play Protect. Then click on the gear icon to go to settings, after that, deactivate the Play Protect app scanner.

2nd Step: Go to Android settings>Security and make sure the “Unknown sources” is enabled.

Install Netflix MOD App

3rd Step: Now, go to the download folder and tap on the recently downloaded Netflix MOD.

4th Step: Click on the Install button to start the installation process of Netflix MOD.

Netflix MOD APK

5th Step: Once the installation complete, just click on the Done button.

That’s it! You have now successfully installed the Netflix MOD APK on your Android phone. If you don’t disable the Play Protect App scanning feature, the installation will be blocked.

Netflix MOD v7.90.0 Features

We have already revealed some of its popular features above but here, we will briefly describe them so you can become friendly with its features & how to use them. So, now let us show you the Netflix MOD features.

Ads Free

Netflix MOD Feature

Something that we all hate in Android apps is Ads. And it annoys us the most when we see irrelevant ads that we are not interested to see. Well, the most significant benefit of Netflix MOD is its ads-free which means its user will not encounter a single ad while surfing or watching content through the app.

No Account Required

Netflix MOD Feature

Another most significant benefit of using Netflix MOD is it doesn’t require a Netflix account in order to stream or work. You can simply install it on any Android phone and start enjoying exclusive Netflix content hassle-free.

Ultra HD Streaming

Netflix MOD Feature

Depending upon your phone, you can stream movies or seasons through Netflix MOD at max up to Ultra HD which delivers the finest video quality. In the video streaming competition, barely any app provides such a quality video streaming facility. Netflix is clearly on the top in the video streaming app competition. But make sure your device is capable enough & has good internet speed to stream without buffering.

Streaming Unlimited Movies & Seasons

Netflix MOD Feature

There is no restriction or limitation on streaming, you can watch as many movies & seasons as you want. You can even watch movies 24/7 without getting any errors on the app. Whether you want to watch old movies or old seasons, it is all available and you can stream them from the Netflix MOD for free. Moreover, you can also download any movie or season part to watch offline. This facility has been recently added to the latest Netflix MOD v7.90.0.

So, these are the most useful features that Netflix MOD APK currently offers via its latest patch.

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Netflix MOD FAQs

Have doubts about Netflix MOD? Well, we have answered some of the most common & frequently asked questions here. And I hope you will also find the answer to your question below.

Is Netflix MOD Safe to Use?

It depends on the modified Netflix app you are using. If you are using a Netflix MOD which is modified or rebuild by an unknown developer then it may not be safe to use. The one which we have provided has made by SKY Developer and it is surely safe & secure.

Netflix MOD is Paid?

Nope, it’s not paid and it functions without the help of an active Netflix account. You can use the Netflix MOD for free but make sure you don’t use it for commercial purposes. The MOD is made to just test the Netflix service so users can take a wise decision before subscribing to its plan. In case you find the Netflix MOD APK interesting, you can donate to the developer by clicking on the donate button in the app.

Is Netflix MOD Really works?

As per thousands of reviews & feedback, the Netflix MOD works properly and it provides updated content that exclusively releases as Netflix Originals. The MOD APK properly runs on Android phones with at least 5.0 Android versions and reserves a few hundred Megabytes in phone storage.

When You Should Use Netflix MOD?

Our recommendation is to use it when you want to test the Netflix service before actually spending on a subscription plan. Because Netflix MOD is only made for that purpose. It will let you access all the premium Netflix features in a single app without spending any penny.


Netflix MOD
Netflix MOD APK Screenshots


So, that was our words on the Netflix MOD APK Download. If you are confused about choosing Netflix then you can clear it by trying the MOD version. It will help you test the full version of the Netflix service without spending anything but few megabytes to download the app. After testing it, we are sure that you will be able to make the decision whether to use Netflix or its alternative for watching movies & seasons.

I hope you have found this article on Netflix MOD APK helpful? If so, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you still have any questions about it then feel free to ask.

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