Blogger Vs WordPress Full Comparison 2020 (Concept Clear)

You know every Blogger have comes and stuck at this fight. Because they don’t know Blogger and WordPress benefits, disadvantages, advantages. There are tons of articles present on the internet at the time but still, it’s not solved for many. Blogger VS WordPress is a hectic fight, I mean everyone gets stuck at the option, but now I been cleared or figure outed everything. And now, You are going to clear it like me. This post is fully about Blogger VS WordPress which included the comparisons.

In this article, I’m going to be in-depth serious because I literally want you to have a clear-cut point.

So, first, let me give you a True definition of Blogger and WordPress. By knowing them deeply, you can understand better.

Note: In this post, I’m only talked about and, not So, don’t be confused between them.

What are Blogger and WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are the Platforms were You can Create a Website for free and Paid. Both have different features and benefits, Blogger and WordPress are different but both do similar works.

Blogger is Powered By Google Company and WordPress is owned by Automattic. Like other Google products Blogger in another one of Google Products, Were WordPress is Non-Google Product.

Now, Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Blogger and WordPress

 Blogger: Advantages

  1. It Provides a Free blog or Website with a sub-domain.
  2. Free strong Security By Google.
  3. Monetize Your Site Even with its Sub-Domain.
  4. Free Professional Themes are available.
  5. You can Host your Website Free for the life with Custom Domain.


  1. Your Website or Blog can get Erased without any Notice, Not sure.
  2. Low earning in Free Blog or Website because it’s not much customizable.

WordPress: Advantages

  1. Full Power in Your Hand.
  2. Create Your Desired Design and Customize it.
  3. Too Many Types of Plugins Available.
  4. 24/7 Technical Support.
  5. Rank your Website facility by Using Plugins.
  6. Full Security.
  7. Monetize Your Site but with Custom Domain, not Sub-domain.


  1. You have to Spend first then ask for Money.
  2. It’s Not free.

Blogger Vs WordPress Full Comparison 2020Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger is a well Platform for learning the basics, were as in WordPress you should work because it cost you. You can take the Blogger platform for earning but with Custom Domain Only.

In WordPress, you can Earn Passive money if you do hard and smart work, In blogger there are fewer features are available for Ranking a Blog or Website.

Blogger Provide Lifetime Security for Free and in WordPress you have to Purchased Some Security Certificates. For example- SSL.

WordPress Gives Powerful touched look and Enhancement were in Blogger not too much in Free or Paid.

Google Adsense is friendly with Blogger and supports it were in WordPress there is Struggle in Verifying Google Adsense if you don’t have a Good designing and well pages along with enough content.

You can customize your WordPress Site Page Speed at the Best level but in Blogger the option is not available. But yes you can take advantage of the super-fast theme of Blogger like SEO hub. It is built for faster loading.

You can code your own Theme For WordPress but in Blogger you Won’t code your theme freely.

WordPress is a Self-hosted Website, you are responsible for every activity were Blogger is Provided by a Company Named Google.

In WordPress, You have Power to Change anything According to You were in Blogger you can change the only theme and some other little kinds of stuff like Sidebar, etc.

WordPress gives you More Benefits in the Long run than Blogger Benefits.

In Blogger Vs WordPress, Blogger is Cheaper than WordPress. But WordPress has more power than Blogger.

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Overall In Blogger Vs WordPress fight, WordPress is better than Blogger in most of the ways. Blogger is Free and Give domain at Cheap cost were in WordPress you have to Buy Hosting Services, Domain and it cost much than Blogger.

I didn’t unfold everything here because of Violence. You have a better Understanding to clear or choose the best platform for you. It depends on you, Blogger Vs WordPress which one do you Likes.

I hope The Post Title “Blogger Vs WordPress” is Fully Clear to you? If still not then let me give my honest opinion which will clear every war and fight between Blogger and WordPress.

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My Opinion

If you are starting a blog then you should go with Blogger, because in Blogger you can easily learn the Basics of Making a Website and Blog. Blogger is simple than WordPress, so you have to learn some strategies too which will help you to outrank your competition.

Using WordPress you have to pay first so why not try Free on Blogger. And if You simply want to Know the best from them, then WordPress is too Good than Blogger today.

Don’t unnecessarily Spend money in a way to Earn Money. Because without Knowing the Basics you can’t Rank your Website or Simple Earn Money. So, first Learn and then Earn!

Comment Below Which one do you like or Love in Blogger Vs WordPress?

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