Top 11 Best Free Torrent Clients For Windows PC 2023

Best Free Torrent Clients: To fast download files on your Windows PC, you probably have been suggested for using Torrenting. It is a peer-to-peer file-sharing system that requires torrent clients to perform the downloading. And for that, it is advisable for everybody to use only the best & trusted torrent clients because it will save you from malware or unusual download activity. Torrenting has its own advantage of fast file downloading because it uses P2P downloading system, but it also comes with some risks.

To get the best downloading experience with P2P, you must have the best torrent clients that are secure to use. Nowadays, there are few malware-infected or dangerous torrent clients on the Internet. In most cases, they install third-party software on your PC without taking your permission. Through this article, we want to put some light on the best free torrent clients that are legitimate & safe to use. So you don’t end up with bad torrent clients in the first place.

What are torrent clients?

Torrent clients are downloader software specifically built for downloading torrent formatted files. Instead of downloading files from a single server, it connects to more than 2 servers and downloads files incredibly fast. Usually, servers slowdowns when many people download files from the same server. To overcome it, P2P file sharing was introduced and torrent clients became the main task performer. Currently, it is widely used across the world and is popular for its incomparable ability to download large files quickly.

How do torrent clients work?

Torrent clients work the same as online downloader programs i.e IDM (Internet Download Manager). The client software connects to different-different servers to download the content in pieces and later combines it to form the full version of the file. Most torrent clients support magnet files that catch the connection to servers and trigger the downloading process of files in pieces.

Torrent clients also support pause, resume, stop, and reconnect features that really help download files online with convenience. These features help avoid problems like downloading failed, downloading failed due to connection errors, etc.

Are torrent clients safe to use?

There are many torrent clients available on the internet for free and paid. Most of them are safe to use as long as you don’t allow them to install any third-party program along with the setup installation. While installing torrent clients, it asks you to express install or customize. If you go with the express option, you will see that it also installs other affiliated third-party software in the background i.e Avast, Malware protection software, etc. If you have previously installed any torrent client on your Windows PC then you are probably aware of this.

So, always check what your torrent client is suggesting to install when you first time installs it. And instead of choosing express install, choose custom install. That way, you will have full control over the torrent client installation. Also, always use a trusted torrent software like uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc, or one that is torrent verified. Moreover, always use VPN while you use Torrent clients to stay safe because ISPs and the Government can easily track your activity.

Are torrent clients legal to use?

Torrent clients are legal software, many times they are free to use and offer you nothing but services to download torrent files. If your torrent client suggesting you third-party websites for downloading pirated or premium content for free then it is an illegal torrent client. Don’t ever think of downloading any suggested pirated file because it is not legal and if by chance you download the copyrighted file, it may put you in serious trouble. It is why experts recommend using a VPN connection before entering the world of torrenting.

So, now you know pretty much about Torrent clients like what it is, how it works, safety & legality, etc. It’s time to show you the best free torrent clients that are out there.

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Top 11 Best Free Torrent Clients For Windows PC 2023

So, you have finally decided to see the list of the best free torrent clients for Windows. Well, we have tested over 17 torrent clients that are free and picked up a few that work the best & offer the best features and user experience. So, without any ado, here are the best torrent clients available for free.

1. uTorrent Classic

Best Free Torrent Clients
uTorrent Classic

uTorrent Classic is a tiny yet powerful torrent client that is also free to use. For beginners to expert torrent users, it has all the features that require downloading torrent files comfortably. Its user interface is best than all the other torrent clients that also help navigate & use other available features conveniently. And the best benefit of having an easy interface is it avoids pointless time for users to find features & settings.

Moreover, as a tiny torrent client for Windows, it takes only a few seconds to start so, whenever you will magnet files from your browser, it will only take 1 to 2 seconds to open the magnet file in uTorrent classic. This torrent client also has a paid version in which it has extended features i.e Malware protection, ads-free software, Premium support, etc.

uTorrent Classic Features:

  • Download torrent files in bulk
  • Small .exe and light on system resources
  • Advanced features for skilled torrenters.

2. BitTorrent Classic

Best Free Torrent Clients
BitTorrent Classic

BitTorrent classic is known as an advanced torrent client because, with a classic interface, it comes with advanced features that many torrent client doesn’t have. Many torrent clients offer the features of BitTorrent Classic but that is not for free like BitTorrent. And that separates it and makes it unique among the other torrent clients out there. This is also known as an original torrent client because many torrent files directory sites suggest BitTorrent Classic for downloading torrent content.

Currently, its free version offers sufficient features for downloading torrent files comfortably.

BitTorrent Classic Features:

  • Download torrents in bulk
  • Assign priority to speed up downloads
  • Save network resources
  • Manage torrents remotely
  • Schedule for when it’s convenient
  • Avoid slow downloads

3. qBittorrent

Best Free Torrent Clients

qBittorrent is a free and reliable P2P BitTorrent client. The main aim of qBittorrent is to become the best open-source software alternative to the popular uTorrent client. And it is actually an excellent alternative because it offers all the premium features of uTorrent like Ads-free, Malware protection, etc, for free of cost. For these features on the uTorrent Client, users need to pay a chunk amount while you can use all the premium features of the uTorrent client in qBittorrent at zero cost.

As a free torrent client, it is surviving in the market through donations. And it is developed by volunteers in their spare time.

qBittorrent Features:

  • Polished µTorrent-like User Interface
  • Ads-free
  • Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine
  • Many BitTorrent extensions supported:
  • Remote control through the Web user interface, written with AJAX
  • Advanced control over torrents, trackers, and peers
  • Bandwidth scheduler

4. BitComet

Best Free Torrent Clients

BitComet is a free BitTorrent client that is powerful, fast, and easy to use. It is based on C++ and serving users since 2003. One of the best things about BitComet is it continues seeding for the long term with its Long Term seeding technology. It avoids one of the most common problems, downloading stuck at 99.9%. Its long-term seeding technology looks for more seeds and finishes the downloading quickly. This client is highly recommended if you are looking for a torrent client to download old torrent files.

BitComet Features:

  • Fast and Powerful
  • Long-Term Seeding
  • Intelligent Disk Caching
  • Preview while Downloading

5. Vuze

Best Free Torrent Clients

Vuze Bittorrent Client is a free program that is capable to provide all torrent needs. It supports multiple downloading methods. Whether you are downloading from torrent sites, from friends via magnet link, or from a torrent search engine, it supports all the methods. It is a clean & lightweight torrent client that automatically optimizes downloading speed and finishes downloading as quickly as possible.

Moreover, you can also play videos once it downloaded directly from the Vuze download manager interface. You will be able to identify as its download manager shows important status i.e Downloading progress, Internet speed, etc.

Vuze Bittorrent Client Features:

  • Magnet link support
  • Media playback
  • Integrated meta-search for content discovery
  • Access to plug-in library for customization options
  • Robust settings and options for ultimate torrent control
  • Remote control via web or mobile app
  • Device Playback (Media device detection and video conversion)
  • Swarm Discoveries (advanced content discovery)

6. WebTorrent Desktop

Best Free Torrent Clients

WebTorrent is known as a streaming torrent client because it allows instant play for media files like Music and Video. While downloading these media files through WebTorrent Desktop, you don’t need to wait to fully download it, you can play the media once it starts downloading on the client. Meanwhile, you can play any small portion of the downloaded media, it is not necessary to wait until it gets fully downloaded. Also, the WebTorrent Desktop torrent client is an open-source program and its source code is available on GitHub.

Moreover, it has all the necessary features that will help you download any torrent file.

WebTorrent Desktop Features:

  • Beautiful user experience
  • Free, non-commercial, ad-free, and open source
  • Lightweight, fast torrent app
  • Instantly stream video and audio
  • Stream videos to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA
  • Full-featured, but bloat-free

7. Deluge BitTorrent Client

Best Free Torrent Clients

Deluge is a lightweight free BitTorrent client that is available for Windows PC. Downloading multiple torrent files at the same time can slow your PC & downloading speed. To avoid that, the Deluge BitTorrent client is recommended. Like other torrent clients, it doesn’t have any fancy interface. Also, this premium BitTorrent client is ad-free. Because of that, it loads almost instantly and also consumes fewer resources.

It supports multiple torrent downloading methods i.e Magnet link, etc.

Deluge Features:

  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Plugin System
  • Full Encryption
  • Free BitTorrent Client
  • Cross-platform BitTorrent client

8. Tixati

Best Free Torrent Clients

Tixati is a new and robust P2P system that is considered the safest & secure torrent client. While having the most simple interface, it promises ultra-fast downloading. It has an ultra-fast downloading algorithm that makes resources focus on downloading rather than showing ads, promoting sites & affiliated products, and other background things. It contains no spyware and is also ads-free.

Also, it shows you deep details about your downloading speed, bandwidth, transfers, etc. If you want an advanced torrent client then we recommend Tixati.

Tixati Features:

  • Easy and quick install – no java, no .net
  • Simple and easy to use
  • DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link support
  • Ultra-fast downloading algorithms
  • Super-efficient peer selection and choking
  • RC4 connection encryption for added security
  • Detailed bandwidth management and charting
  • No Spyware, No Ads

9. BiglyBT

Best Free Torrent Clients

BiglyBT is a feature-rich free BitTorrent client that was initially launched in 2003. Since then, it has been receiving continuous updates. It is a true form of the best free torrent client as it has all the advanced to basic features and has no ads. Along with the standard features of the BitTorrent client, it has some additional features that are made to enhance user experience. Features like Swarm Merging, and Rate limiting globally help improve downloading speed.

Also, BiglyBT offers a simple yet user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate structure. Finding any setting or option in this torrent client is super easy. Moreover, it is a part of the Vuze/Azureus open-source project, you can find details and source code on GitHub.

BiglyBT Features:

  • WebTorrent Support
  • Robust Settings
  • Remote Control via Android app option
  • Media Playback
  • Plugins support
  • I2P support (using I2P DHT) for anonymous downloading

10. Transmission

Best Free Torrent Clients

The Transmission BitTorrent client is one of the oldest torrent software that was first released in 2005. It has been almost 15 years and in between those years, it has been upgraded to a better yet fully free torrent client. Transmission has all the features that torrenters want to comfortably download torrent files on Windows PC. Overall, Transmission is open source, easy, lean, native, and powerful. It consumes less CPU compared to other GUI clients and helps download files faster.

Transmission Features:

  • Beautiful web-interface
  • Encryption enabled
  • Peer exchange
  • Magnet link support
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits option

11. BitLord

Best Free Torrent Clients

BitLord is a free & easiest torrent client specifically made for streaming and torrent downloading. A lot of torrent sites are useful, filled with lots of features but these things just fall away if the user interface is not friendly. BitLord torrent client focuses more on providing a user-friendly interface and also offers all the standard torrent client facilities. In this client, you will get a torrent search engine option that allows you to search torrent files and download them instantly with a single click.

BitLord Features:

  • Easily search to find any video, audio, text, and other torrents
  • Instantly play any videos in our player, while downloading.
  • Play on Chromecast while downloading
  • Subtitles in your language from OpenSubtitles

So, these are the 11 best free torrent clients that we have found on the Internet. They promise more safety & security over other torrent clients that are out there. And the most important thing is all the above-listed torrent clients are fully free to use.


What torrent client should I use?

uTorrent classic and BitTorrent classic is the most recommended, and widely used across the world. So, you should use one of them for torrenting purposes.

Is Tixati better than uTorrent?

Yes, for a lot of reasons Tixati is better than uTorrent. Upon comparing them, you will find that Tixati offers more features, a dynamic interface, and an ad-free environment.

Which is better uTorrent or BitTorrent?

uTorrent is better than BitTorrent in terms of size, speed, interface, and features. Also, uTorrent has an easy interface compared to BitTorrent. But overall, both are good torrent clients.

Which Free VPN is best for Torrenting?

Personally, I have used VPN Pro which is a premium VPN available for free to use. It has 15+ countries options and also tests the connection for security after getting connected to a private connection. You can also use it for free.


Torrent clients are the most important element in the world of torrenting. If a torrent client doesn’t have sufficient features then you will end up struggling with high internet data consumption, slow downloading speed, etc. And so, it is highly recommended that you only use torrent clients that experts suggest. We have worked out for you and curated a list of the top 11 best free torrent clients for Windows.

All the 11 suggested torrent clients offer standard + additional features. Go through the list and watch the features section, it will give you a better view of torrent clients and what they offer. That will help you pick the best torrent client for you.

If you have any suggestions regarding torrent clients then put them down below through comments. Also, let us know your thoughts on torrents clients. And don’t forget to share with others who are looking for top free torrent clients.

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