ZArchiver Pro APK v1.0.9 Download Latest for Android [2024]

ZArchiver Pro APK is a popular archive file management app that provides a simple interface to manage all the work. Including Compressing files in .zip or .rar format, Decompressing any file with (.Zip) or (.RAR) extension, and more. Usually, when we download any game or app with a large file, we see that the file comes in one of the archive formats i.e 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar, etc. These file types are basically not supported by most of the in-built File manager apps that we get on our Android phones.

To view or access the files inside any archive format file, we need tools like ZArchiver Pro. It comes with the necessary functionality to properly manage archive files like Compressing files in archive formats, decompressing archive formatted files, viewing content inside archive formatted files, etc. Well, in this article, I will provide you the ZArchiver Pro APK Download link and guide you to properly use it. Are you excited about it? Let’s get started!

Download ZArchiver Pro APK Latest v1.0.9 for Android 2024

Download ZArchiver Pro APK
ZArchiver Pro APK Download

When it comes to managing archive files, ZArchiver Pro comes to our mind first. Probably because of its simple interface and robust features that allow decompressing and creating Zip or RAR formatted files. With ZArchiver Pro, you can decompress or create archive files in very little time because it is programmed very well for that. Especially, if your Android device has multiple cores then ZArchiver will use that and ease the decompressing or compressing process. I will later explain it in-depth, for now, let me provide you with the ZArchiver download link first.

Before sharing the download link, let me show you its full file details. It will help you know some important details about ZArchiver Pro.

File Details

NameZArchiver Pro
Size4.57 MB
Updated on27 January 2024

Use the button below to direct download ZArchiver Pro v1.0.9 APK.

How to Install ZArchiver Pro on Android Phone

This ZArchiver Pro app has been modified so users can use this premium tool for free. As it is modified, the security feature of Android called Play Protect can easily detect it and mark it as a threat. Hence, you won’t be able to install ZArchiver Pro on your phone until you deactivate Play Protect. In order to properly use this premium app for free, you must turn this feature off. To do that, you can follow the below steps.

1st Step – Open the Play Store and click on the menu icon from the left side. Then select the Play Protect option and click on the Gear icon appearing in the right-top corner. Now you are in the settings tab of Play Protect, just turn off the “app scanning” option.

Turn of Play Protect

2nd Step – Open your Android settings and click on the security option. Now, turn on the “Unknown Resources”. After enabling this option, your Android will allow manual app installation. It’s time to start the ZArchiver Pro app installation.

Enable Unknown Sources from Android settings

3rd Step – Go to your browser’s download folder using File Manager and then click on the recently downloaded ZArchiver Pro application. This will open it in the installer.

4th Step – Click on the Install button to start the installation of ZArchiver Pro. After that, wait for it to get completely installed on your phone.

Install ZArchiver Pro on Android

5th Step – Once the installation is complete, press the done button appearing on the installation tab to close the installer. Now you have successfully installed the ZArchiver Pro on your Android.

The installation steps are quite easy if you carefully follow them. Now, if you have never used the ZArchiver Pro before then let me help you get started with it.

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How to Use ZArchiver Pro on Android Phone

ZArchiver Pro is quite easy to use to manage archive files. In this section, I will show you how to properly use ZArchiver Pro on Android.

To Decompress Files

  • Launch ZArchiver Pro from the App Drawer of your Android.
  • You will see the same interface as your phone file manager.
  • Just navigate to the folder where the compressed file is placed i.e. “Download” folder.
  • Once you are there, click on the compressed file and select the “Extract Here” Or “Extract to” option. The first one will immediately start decompressing the file in the same folder while the second option lets you choose the place where you want to decompress.
  • By selecting any of the two options, you can start decompressing a file.


Unzip file with ZArchiver Pro

The time of decompression will depend on the file size as well as on your phone’s performance. Like if your phone has multiple cores then decompression time will be less even when decompressing large files. Now, let me show you how to compress files using ZArchiver Pro.

To Compress Files

  • Launch ZArchiver Pro.
  • Navigate through it and go to the folder in which the file or files is placed, that you want to compress.
  • Then tap on a file that you want to compress.
  • If you want to compress multiple files then click on the three vertical dots from the top right side and click on Multi-select. Now you will be able to select multiple files.
  • After selecting a file or files, click on it to see options. From the options, select Compress to .zip or .7z. For compressing files in other formats, select the bottom option “compress…”. When you select any of the compress options, the compression process will start happening and in a few seconds, you will be able to see the compressed file.


Compress file with ZArchiver Pro

Useful Tips:

  1. To select/deselect a file or folder, you need to click on its icon;
  2. Long press a file to access additional functionality;
  3. To navigate through folders, you must deselect all files first.

So, that is basically how you can decompress and compress any file or files with ZArchiver Pro on Android. Now, let me show you its features and what it offers other than compressing & decompressing files.

ZArchiver Pro Features

Unlike the free ZArchiver, ZArchiver Pro has a lot more to offer other than Compression and decompression functionality. You can use it as a File Manager, move or copy a file from one place to another, and more. Below, I have shared all its pro features which its users should definitely know.

Create Archives in different formats

The Pro version has the ability to create an archive in different formats i.e. 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar, etc. In case you want to create an archive file in other formats like gzip, and bzip2 then you can easily create it with ZArchiver Pro.

Light And Dark Mode (Theme)

Unlike the free ZArchiver, you will get two modes on this Pro version; Dark and light. By default in both versions, we get the dark theme which probably doesn’t look good. And light theme lovers will probably hate the free version because that version didn’t have the option to change the theme color. In ZArchiver Pro, you can easily change the theme from Dark to Light or vice versa. The option to change the theme is located in the ZArchiver Pro settings.

Password Storage

With the ZArchiver Pro, you can manage both storages; Internal and external. In case you want to protect viewing storage through the ZArchiver then you can easily do that with the ZArchiver Pro. You can set a password for viewing Internet storage as well as external storage of your phone. But it will only work in the ZArchiver file managing interface, not in the real file manager of the phone.

Image Preview in Archive

When we normally view content inside an archive file, we see a blank icon on all the available content inside the archive file including images. With ZArchiver Pro, you can view those images without even extracting them. This will help you identify contents inside an archive file without decompressing them. This feature is pre-activated in the ZArchiver Pro and you nothing have to do in order to see the image preview.

Ability to Edit Files inside an Archive

For the first time, you will be able to edit files inside an archive without even extraction. That’s a great feature that ZArchiver Pro offers. If you still don’t know what this feature can do, you can read the below note.

File modification in the archive: it is the ability to update the file in the archive after changing it in an external program. To do this: open the file from the archive, select the application (if required), edit the file, and save the changes, back to ZArchiver. Will be prompted to update the file in the archive, when you return to ZArchiver. If for some reason are not prompted to update the file, the modified file can be found on the memory card in your Android/

So, these are basically the key features of ZArchiver Pro. When looking for a perfect archive file management app, there is nothing better than ZArchiver Pro.

ZArchiver Pro v1.0.9 Changelog

Released Date: 17 Jan 2024
Initial support for Android 14
Rewritten text editor
Added Shizuku support
Other fixes and improvements

The new updated ZArchiver Pro v1.0.9 is one of the finest versions ever released. It now fixed previous bugs and now comes with Android 14 Support and has rewritten text editor.

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ZArchiver Pro FAQs

What is ZArchiver Used For?

ZArchiver is an Android app that is mainly used for managing archive files on Android phones. It comes with necessary features that allow every user to easily compress files, decompressed files, open password-protected archive files, view files inside an archive file, etc.

What is the difference between ZArchiver and ZArchiver Pro?

The difference in both is very little and may not make much difference for all of us. But in the case of functionality and features, ZArchiver Pro is better than the free ZArchiver as it comes with advanced features and faster performance.

Best App to Open Zip files in Android?

Currently, based on the rating and download data of the Play Store, ZArchiver Pro is considered the best archive management application. It has currently 4.7 ratings and more than 50T+ downloads. That should pretty much sum up the question.

Summing Up

ZArchiver is no question that it is the best archive file management app that supports almost all archive formats. The ZArchiver Pro that I have provided here will pretty much help you decompress your large .zip or .rar files. It can easily compress and decompress OBB and Data files that come along with an app or game. In the end, if you are looking for the best Unzipping application for Android then there is nothing better than ZArchiver Pro.

I hope this article has helped & you’ve got what you were looking for. If so, share it with your friends and if you still have any questions about ZArchiver Pro APK then ask through the comments below.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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