How to Withdraw Earnings to PayPal Account

So, you just have reached the minimum withdrawal balance and you want to Withdraw earnings? There are basically three options available to withdraw earnings; PayPal, Bitcoin, and Wallet (For advertisement). And to withdraw earning from any of these methods requires a minimum balance. And once you have that, you can simply withdraw your earning.

To withdraw earnings from, you just have to provide some details and in a few hours, your all the earned $ will get transferred to your selected payment account. And in this article, we are going to teach you exactly how you can withdraw Earning to PayPal account because its the most preferred method.

What is is a link shortener website that has recently launched and grabbed its position in the top 5 link shortener list. It pays high revenue on every view through its shorten link. And to count real page views, it uses AI to recognize whether it comes from organic or done by the account holder itself. If it founds page views is coming from the same IP address many times in a day and weeks, it leaves counting views from that particular IP address for 30 days.

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Moreover, daily organizes a contest which has some rules and regulation. And anyone can participate by following some rules and win a free amount in $. You can know about the contest and prize on its official home page.

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Compared to its competitive link shortener websites, it has a very low balance requirement. Most Link shortener website at least requires 5$ in users account balance to let them withdraw their money. But is very kind and it let users withdraw their money once they get 2$ in their balance. Once you reach the 2$ threshold, you can withdraw your money in PayPay, Payza, Skrill and Perfect Money. Minimum Requirement to Withdraw

For Bitcoins withdrawing, you need 5$ minimum in balance. But today, I only show you how you can withdraw earning in PayPal account. So, let’s get straight to it.

How to Withdraw Earnings to PayPal Account?

Here is the step by step Process to Withdraw earnings to PayPal account:

  1. First, visit website using your Computer or Android.
  2. Click on the Sign in button and enter your username and password (You don’t need to if you have already saved in the browser, it will automatically get filled).
  3. Now, you are on Dashboard. Click on the profile icon from top right and then tap on Profile.Withdraw Earnings
  4. Under the Billing address section, fill all the details that same mentioned in your PayPal account.Withdraw Earnings
  5. And then scroll down to Withdrawal Info and select Payment method to PayPal.
  6. Again scroll down a little and write your PayPal Email address (Make sure you write the email address that you are using on your PayPal account).Withdraw Earnings
  7. Once you are done writing your email address in the field, press the Submit button. Now, you have saved your PayPal details on website.
  8. On the left sidebar, tap on the Withdraw option.
  9. Under the Withdraw window, you will see a green withdraw button just below your earning details.
  10. Tap on Withdraw and Press OK. Once you do that, you will start seeing that your Available Balance is shifted in Pending Withdraw.Withdraw EarningsPending Withdraw
  11. Now, you have done the withdrawal process.

Under 3-4 business days, all the amounts that you have on your account will get transferred to your PayPal account. In my case, I have got the money in my PayPal account under 12 hours. And once your Payment gets transferred to PayPal, you will start seeing status complete in the Withdraw tab.

Payment Complete

If you have entered wrong details in your profile by mistake then you also don’t have to worry because verifies the information and then sends the payments. So, if you have filled anything wrong, your money will get returned to your balance and you can again start processing your payment with accurate data.

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Withdrawing money from shortener website is a very easy process and with few steps, you can get your earnings to your PayPal account. Unlike most URL shortener websites, don’t cheat with payments and send payment timely and fastly. The best thing is you can get all your payment back if something wrong happens due to your payment information. They don’t process payment before verifying everything.

Hopefully, this article helped you in withdrawing your available balance in to your PayPal? If so, I will get satisfied if you just share this article with your friends especially with those who use URL shortener website.

If I still missed anything that you wanted to know then you can comment below. I will be blessed if I can help you with anything else related to

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