Win Free Data for 1 YEAR on mCent Browser (Updated)

The Biggest loot coming from mCent Browser right Now! It’s Offering Free Data For 1 Year. And to Grab this you just need to Install, Register and Refer it to your 3 Friends. By only doing what little you will get enrolled to Win Free Data For 1 Year. But today I will give some working tips to get you Win this contest. I know this Offer really means to you Because you can’t afford monthly recharge of Jio. Right? Well, let me honestly describe to you everything about this offer.

Because without knowing the full detail about the contest, you can’t win. So, here we Go…

Note: Now if you search using the default search engine in mCent, your chance of winning in the contest will increase my multiple times. This is an official mCent announce so, take advantage of it right now!

A Brief Detail about “Free Data For 1 Year” on mCent

How to Win Free Data for 1 Year

So, to be very honest with you this offer is only available in India country. Basically, to win Free data for 1 Year you need to refer mCent Browser to your 3 Friends at least to be eligible to win.

After doing that you need to support the mCent Brower by Giving a Thumbs up to its FB page, you also have to support its other social platforms. Like on PlayStore, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

This is to get noticed by the Company that you are supporting them by being its follower.

These are the kinds of stuff you need to do to get eligible for Winning.

Before doing these things, you need to install and register on mCent Browser. And the best way to do that is by Installing its official app (mCent Browser).

To install it, open your Play Store and search for the mCent Browser – Free Recharge app. And install it.

After installing open it up and Register an Account with your Mobile Number. The Mobile Number will be asked to enter at the first start. And it will get verified by OTP (one-time-password).

You must Enter the Number in Which you want to Recharge the 1 Year Free Data.

Now you can start stepping up in this Contest. So, that was the details. Now let me show you how to Participate in this contest.

How to Participate in mCent Browser contest to Win Free Data for 1 Year?

Here is the step by Step Process to Participate in mCent Browser contest to Win 1 Year Free DATA:

  1. Install and register on the mCent Browser app from here.
  2. Go to the Invite section to share your Unique link with them.Win Free Data for 1 Year using mCent Browser
  3. Now tell them to install and register the mCent browser from the link.
  4. When 3 of Your Friends install and register the app from your link. You will get elected to Win free data for 1 Year.
  5. Go to the official mCent browser page and check the Winning list.
  6. Hopefully, you and the other 4 will win is followed by the above-described tactic.

So, follow these steps to participate in the contest easily.

How to actually Win Free data for 1 Year on mCent?

There is no straight way to win but you can follow my working tips to win any contest. Here are the steps:

  1. Get noticed by following on company social accounts. Like the Facebook page, Twitter, etc.
  2. Talk about anything related to the app. The best way I found is through Facebook instant messaging.
  3. Contact them for any technical issue through the mCent Website. There you will found contact us page, just visit there and send them any issue related to the app.
  4. Comment on any previous Post on Facebook page post, Twitter tweet, etc.
  5. Make a connection through the company LinkedIn Profile.
  6. Use the default Search Engine (Bing) in mCent to increase the chance of your winning.

Simply, be in the spotlight! Get noticed by the Company that you are a True daily user. And they will notice you through those comments and likes.

Fortunately, you will get attention from the company and hopefully, they will reward with 1 Year Free data.


1 Year data for Free is really a valuable prize for anybody. And Winning this contest is nothing more than getting a Gold tank in your Backhouse.

The best way you can win this contest is through engagement! Try to get noticed by following them up in its Social Profiles.

Commenting on the post is also great to communicate. Try any of them to make the engagement. And you will get rewarded with 1 year free data.

Don’t share this with your friends, you want to win or NOT? Let them Find this Page on Google alone. Comment below any Question regarding this article and I will get back to you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Win Free Data for 1 YEAR on mCent Browser (Updated)”

  1. I’m daily bing user in mcent browser. So and I’ve sent it more than 3 people and the people used it for more than 5 days, so how could I get 1 year free data? My points are now 216463.

    • Okay! You have a high chance of winning 1-year data on mCent. But Here’s the thing you need to do right now:

      1. Become a follower of their Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other.

      2. Post comments on their blog, Recent Facebook post, Re-tweet their latest tweets just do something to let them know that you are an active user.

      3. Politely talk about their any glitch if you found. This will help you to properly get in the spotlight.

      I know these things not making you sense. But the reason I’m telling you this is because, in the end, they will give their prize to those who really care about them not who just participated for the sake of winning the contest.

      Hope you got it!


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