Where to Buy Stamps? Best Places & Platforms 2020

Where to buy stamps? – It is a common question that many people come across after creating a package or letter to send somewhere through postal service. And that because without having a stamp attached on the package or envelop, you won’t be able to send it to its destination via postage. In most cases, the parcel will be returned to its sender address or sender’s post office once found without a stamp. Buying stamp before this technological advancement in communication was easy, there was a rush for it.

But now, people rarely need stamps because we all now communicate, send letters, transfer money online using smartphones. Instead of writing a letter, we can now do voice calls, video calls, send text online to people living anywhere in the world. Well, after all of these improvements, the value of postal service is still present as we still use them for sending personal and commercial packages. Although, postal service got a pace because of the new online buying & selling system. Meanwhile, stamps value is far from getting vanished.

Why We Use Stamps on Parcels & Letters?

Before you buy stamps, it’s important to know why stamps used for sending parcels & letters through the postal service. Well, postage stamps were introduced in 1847 in the United Kingdom. The reason behind its creation was to enhance the postage service and make it more secure & better. When a stamp attached to a parcel or letter, it speaks about the mail type, service charge payment, postage class, etc. And that help speed-up the sending process. And also, it helps maintain the fund needed to run the whole postage service.

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Where to Buy Stamps?

Buying a stamp for attaching it to your letter or parcel can be a frustrating task if you don’t know where it can be purchased from. Well, at present, you can buy stamps in two ways, offline and online. Both options have cons & pros like if you buy online, you might require to pay an extra shipping charge and if you buy offline, you will need to put your body into work.

Nowadays, stamps are rarely available in major offline stores like it was before a decade ago. The one place that it can be surely available offline is the Post office as it is a true origin of stamps. Now, let me show you the platforms & place from you can buy stamps.

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Platforms & Places That Sell Stamps Near You

If buying stamps from its original place is not an option for you then you can buy it from third-party platforms & places that sell stamps. There are few platforms that sell stamps online, if saving money is not an essence then buying stamps from online platforms will be a good decision. Because without going anywhere, you can get stamps delivered to your home door. Well, here are the platforms & places that sell stamps in 2020:


Buy Stamps on Amazon
Buy Stamps on Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce platform where you can buy almost everything humans need. The platform offers a wide range of household products as well as day to day products. On this platform, you can shop postage stamp in different designs promoting specific people, monuments, events, etc. Also, you can shop all popular stamps from Amazon like the U.S Flag Forever stamp and other forever stamps. If you have decided to buy stamp online then Amazon.com is the best platform.

Buy Stamp on Amazon


Buy Stamps on Walmart
Buy Stamp on Walmart

Walmart is another online platform that sells stamps in a variety of types & designs. From this platform, you can buy a book of stamps containing 20 individual stamps at $19. It also has a book of forever U.S Flag stamps containing 100 pieces of stamps at $71. The stamps price on Walmart is a little high compared to Amazon. Also, the shipping charge will be added additionally if you buy stamps that cost lesser than $35. Overall, Walmart is a great platform for shopping a book of stamps at a little high cost.

Buy Stamp on Walmart


Buy Stamps on USPS
Buy Stamp on USPS

USPS stands as United States Postal Service, it is an official postal service that provides services to people lives in the U.S. If you want to buy stamps at its original cost then USPS is a recommend platform & store. You can either buy from the postal office or online USPS store. In both ways, you will be paying the original amount (Shipping charge can be included if you buy from the USPS store online). The best part about USPS is you will find all the available types of stamps for the U.S citizens.

And from its online store, you can even customize a stamp & order it. USPS online store or its post office is the best and recommended place & platform to buy stamps in the US.

Buy Stamp on USPS Store

Bank of America

It is a popular bank in America where you can also find stamps for sending standard letters & parcels. But the bank doesn’t stay open for long hours so you must visit the bank during working hours. Also, you can go to other banks as well for stamps, nowadays, most banks in the US have stamps availability. But Bank of America is the most preferable bank for getting stamps.

Book Stores

Book stores are known for the store of all the paper materials, you can find pretty much everything related to paper & education stuff. It is the best place to look for stamps nowadays if you choose to get from the local stores. And the best thing is Book stores are almost everywhere and stays open for quite long working hours i.e from morning to evening. If you are looking for stamps in local stores then must check out your near book store. There is a high chance that you will find stamps there at a fair price.

Also, unlike online stores, you can buy a single stamp from book stores. No need to purchase the whole book of stamps when you need only a single stamp.

So, these are the places & platforms that guarantee to provide stamps. Still, if you don’t find it at any one of the places mentioned then don’t hesitate to move to the next one.

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Where to Buy Stamps FAQs

We are not going to leave you unanswered for questions you may have been thinking of. Below, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about where to buy stamps.

Where to buy a single stamp?

If you only need a single piece of stamp then you should look for it in Book stores and Post office. Big offline stores & online stores only sell stamps in bulk because of low cost product. On online stores, you can only shop role of stamps, they don’t sell stamp individually.

Can I get stamps from ATMs?

Only a limited ATMs offer the stamp exchange for cash service in the US. It was a popular place to get stamps before a decade ago when technology was not improved. Since the email & text messaging platforms introduced, most banks terminated the stamp exchange for cash service as the users of stamps reduced. At present, only rare ATM machines offer stamps.

Where is it cheapest to buy stamps?

To buy stamps at the cheapest rate, you can go to either post office or Book stores. Only these two places sell stamps at the cheapest & original cost. Also, from there, you can buy a single stamp or in bulk according to your need. While most other stores don’t sell stamps individually and also sell at a higher cost.

What stores sell US postal stamp?

Amazon, Walmart, USPS, Book Stores are the stores that sell the US postal stamp. Some of them also sell stamps through their online stores so you can also buy from their respective online stores.


So, that’s it. We have shown you all the popular places that still sell stamps in 2020. You can go to any nearest shop and buy stamps either in bulk or a single stamp. Also, we want to mention it again that if you buy from online stores then it will cost you a little higher than if you buy from offline stores. But online stores will provide you convenience as they will deliver the stamp direct at your home or office.

There are also some other places where you can find stamps like Gas Station, Pharmacies, ATMs, Grocery stores, Staples, etc. Must check out these places if it’s near you.

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