Top 6 Most Useful Plugins for WordPress Website

Are you looking for Plugins to enhance your website? Well I know for new Bloggers on WordPress is little tough to find Best Plugins for their blog. Because they didn’t have any knowledge and experience at the start. And that’s why I’m going to share with you the Top 6 Most Useful Plugins for WordPress. These are the Best Pick and Most Useful plugins and I think every Blogger are using it in their Blog or Website. So, stick with me and let me introduce them.

But Before I want you to know what plugin means! So, let’s dive.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is basically a feature which adds some value to Blog and Website. Technically it is software if you install plugins you got some new features on your WordPress. By adding Plugins you can enhance your Website Looks, Page Speed, Safe from Malware, Advance managements and more types of Activities supplements.

For Example – If your WordPress theme does not have article sharing buttons at the end, then through installing plugins you can add the Sharing Buttons.

And Now you are ready to Install the plugins!

01. Jetpack

Jetpack is Powered by, it is all in one Plugin which customizes Everything in your website like sharing-caring, site and stats analytics, Related Content and Site Searching, etc. In short, it has designing services, Marketing Services, Expert Support, Security Services, and many things are instead in the Jetpack Plugin. Almost Every WordPress user is using it and enjoying their Free and Paid services.

Download the Plugin

02. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the No.1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plugin for WordPress website or Blog. We all know how SEO Impact our Traffics, Website Ranking. With SEO Knowledge anyone can easily rank their website within months. Sounds Magical? yes, it’s true! And you know Yoast SEO is suggested by most SEO Marketers, No I’m not saying that they are only right. There are millions of Yoast User have experienced or Watched that how Really Yoast SEO helps to Rank Articles and Website. Basically, Yoast SEO Plugin helps you in writing SEO friendly Articles, Page SEO, Easy Site Map Facility and for Ranking factor it delivers.

Download the Plugin

03. WP Super Cache

It Powered By Automattic and this plugin increases the site speed by compressing the HTML files. The Plugin simply serves the cache files to the visitor and somehow it manages your server loading. This plugin Is recommended to everyone because sometimes the site load dramatically increases because of your viral Article. Through installing it on your WordPress Website you can control the overload on your server. This Super Plugin will safe your Website from Getting down.

Download the Plugin

04. Contact Form 7

Every Blog needs this form 7, and you also. Providing your customer a piece of Contact information is necessary or needed for growth. Providing Contact facility you can win your customer trust and this is what you or everyone wants. So, Basically, Contact Form 7 is a WordPress Plugin which provides contact information of you or Publisher to their customer or daily visitors. Just you have to Install and activate this plugin in your Website and set it up with your common sense and done.

Download the Plugin

05. Akismet Anti-spam

Akismet will help to your website aware from Spam. It blocks the spam comments, spam contacts automatically, you just have to activate it. For making it active you Need Akismet API key which you can generate on After generating your API, copy it and paste it on your Akismet Plug setting for activation. And it will start encountering spam all around. You have to activate it once and after you are lifetime free from dangerous types of spams.

Download the Plugin

6. Very Simple Meta Description

Meta Description is another important thing in website ranking. But WordPress does not provide Site Meta Description, for your website ranking you have to provide your Site Meta Description. So, Google can easily able to know your website category which will benefit your site category rank. Ex- Your website is about Tech so your website should provide Description like Google wants to know what your site is about? then through your description, my website is about tech, mobile, Game, etc. Basically, this plugin provides you with a way to fill Your site Meta Description.

Download the Plugin


These all plugins are the recommended for new and old blogs. So, be sure you’ve activated them in your WordPress website for betterment or Growth.

You must have them on your website, so Google will easily Know and Rank your website at the top searches.

My Opinion

Yoast SEO, Contact form 7, and very simple Meta Description is super recommended because without them you can’t able to rank your particular Website or Blog.

So, which one you are using before reading this article? Comment is open and Free below to comment! Also, please share if you find this helpful.

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