How to Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos Android

Facebook is a favorite social media platform for all of us because, in this platform, we can chat, share our photos & stories, read other stories, and more. As we share our photos on Facebook, it gets saved in its server which can be only accessible by the user. And we can also download the upload photo on our phone in case we need it.

But as far as I know, it is not the best place to save all your important photos and there are chances that you may lose all of them in case you forgot your password or username. For security reasons, Facebook has now restricted or added multiple layers to verify users for login when you forgot the password. So, if you don’t want to lose all of the photos that you have uploaded since you are on the platform then we recommend importing that to some safe place.

For photos, we all know that there is no better place to save than Google Photos. It is a free app powered by Google that allows us to safely save photos. And from the Google Photos app, we can also create a backup of the photos and safely store that to the Google Server. This way, we can anytime get back those photos if anything goes wrong. Well, here, I will teach you how you can transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos to make sure you don’t lose any of the photos you have shared through Facebook.

What is Google Photos?

In case you don’t know about Google Photos, it is a free app from Google that comes pre-installed in most of the Android phones. It allows us to store photos and create a backup which then gets stored in a secure server of Google. And once the backup gets created, we can anytime download or import the backup in our Android phone.

It comes with limited features for free users i.e limited storage. To take the premium benefits of Google Photos, you will need to upgrade your plan. Well, the free plan is pretty enough for many users and we think that will be satisfying for the majority of us. You can easily upload 4 thousand photos captured by phone with 16 Mega-pixel. So, now you know pretty much about the Google photos, let me show you how you can transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos.

Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos on Android

First of all, make sure the Google Photos app is installed and running on your phone. After that, just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Facebook App on your Android and log in with your username & password.

Step 2. Click on the three horizontal lines to explore menus. From the menu, click on Settings & Privacy and then click on settings.

Step 3. In the settings, tap on the “Download Your Information“.

Step 4. Select only Photos & Videos and leave everything deselected.

Step 5. Once you selected it, scroll down a little & click on “Create file“.

Step 6. After you request the file, you will need to wait for 4 minutes or until Facebook makes it available for you to download.

Step 7. After a few minutes, go again to Download Your Information>Available copies. And then click on the download button. Now, you have successfully downloaded the Photos & videos from your Facebook profile.

Step 8. Since the file will be in .zip format, you will need to extract it in order to transfer it to Google Photos. You can use Zarchiver for extracting the .zip file.

Step 9. Once the extraction completes, go to Google Photos and click on the Device folders option from the menu.

Step 10. After that, you will see the Facebook photos there that you have just downloaded from Facebook. Now, you can store those photos safely to the Google Photos server.

The thing is to note that is you will need to use the original Facebook app in order to comfortable download all the photos & videos from your account. You won’t be able to download the photos & videos specifically using Facebook Lite.

Benefits of Transferring Facebook Photos to Google Photos

Facebook is still not a safe place to store all your important photos and you should always have a backup of your uploaded photos & stories. Well, thankfully, now it allows users to download important data such as Photos & videos, posts, etc. With a few clicks, you can request your data & download it from your Facebook App. In case, you want to close your Facebook account but want to have all the photos that you have uploaded there since you using it then Google Photos is a solution for you.

Rather downloading images one by one, you can download all your Facebook Photos & videos and save it on your phone through Google Photos. Moreover, you can safely store all the Facebook Photos to Google Photos server. So, that is the most significant benefit of transferring Facebook Photos to Google Photos.

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To store all your Facebook photos safely on Google Photos, you just need to follow these several steps. Importing Facebook media .i.e Photos to Google Photos is easy and you will probably not find any suitable place to safely store all your important photos than Google Photos. It is a free trustable platform that you can use on your phone without any problem.

Although, Google Photos is the best place to store important photos for safety. I have tried to show how you can transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos app. And I hope you’ve found this article helpful? If so, share it with your friends & also let them know that one can easily Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos.

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