Spoof Paytm APK Download 2023 [Fake Paytm App]

Spoof Paytm APK is a fun application that you can use to prank anybody by showing a fake Paytm payment receipt. The receipt generated by it looks quite similar if not exactly like the original Paytm receipt that we get after successful payment. It even shows TXN ID that makes people believe the receipt is genuine. The generated fake receipt can further be shared with anyone.

Well, the difference can be noticed upon putting an original and fake receipt in juxtaposition. But it will be hard for anybody to recognize in the first place or in a glance. Hence, it is quite a fun app to use. So, in this article, we will provide the Spoof Paytm APK download link and other useful information that you need to know about. Let’s dig in.

What is Spoof Paytm?

It is a fake or prank app that can generate customized Paytm payment receipts that look very similar to an original receipt. The app is made by Hitesh Verma who is an Indian app developer as per the sources. He made it just for fun purposes and to prank friends.

The app basically gives you boxes to fill like Name, amount, phone number, date, etc. It also offers advanced settings for further tweaking. After entering those details, all you need to do is click on Submit and the app will create a receipt that would like a genuine one with all the details you filled in.

Download Spoof Paytm APK Latest Version 2023

Spoof Paytm
Spoof Paytm

Spoof Paytm APK is not available on any official App Store to download and that’s why here we have provided a direct download option for you. The app is totally safe and also very lightweight in terms of size. It can be easily installed on any Android phone. And the user interface is so simple that any novice can use it.

Additional Information

NameSpoof Paytm
Size8.13 MB
DeveloperHitesh Verma
Android requires4.1 or above
Last Updated9 May 2023

How to Download Spoof Paytm on Android

Downloading Spoof Paytm is a hassle-free experience for anybody because we have provided a direct link. In case that doesn’t work for any reason, there is an alternate link for Spoof Paytm. Here’s how you can use the alternate method to download Spoof Paytm.

1st Step: Click on Download link 2 to visit the download page of Spoof Paytm.

2nd Step: The link will open in a new tab, just wait until it finishes loading.

3rd Step: Click on the Download icon to request the APK file.

4th Step: Accept the download request to start downloading Spoof Paytm APK.

5th Step: Wait until it gets downloaded. Done.

How to Install Spoof Paytm on Android

Spoof Paytm can be installed on Android by following the manual process which we have described below. You also don’t need to turn off any security feature since it is a fully legit application.

1st Step: Confirm that Unknown Sources are enabled on your Android settings.

2nd Step: Go to the download section of your browser and click on the recently downloaded Spoof Paytm. This will open the installer.

3rd Step: Once the installer is opened, click on Install and wait for the process to complete.

4th Step: After that, click on Done to exit the installer.

5th Step: That’s it.

The app is now ready to use. It is completely free to use and it also doesn’t contain any feature that requires you to pay to unlock.

How to Use Paytm Spoof

Spoof Paytm
Spoof Paytm Main Interface

If you are first time using Paytm Spoof then you need to know how to use it efficiently. Although the app has quite a simple interface, you might struggle to use it initially. Well, let us show you how to use it properly.

  • As soon as you open Paytm Spoof, you will find all the options that it has for generating a fake receipt of Paytm.
  • Options like Name, Phone No., Amount, and Time. Whatever values you will enter in those will reflect on the final generated receipt.
  • There are also Advanced Settings that allow further tweaking for the receipt. I.e You can enter the wallet balance of your choice (otherwise generated randomly), a unique wallet TXN ID, etc.
  • Once you’re done entering values for the receipt, simply click on Submit to generate it.
  • The app further allows sharing the receipt or taking a screenshot and then sharing.

As we said earlier, the receipt looks quite exact to an original Paytm receipt and you can use it for fun purposes i.e. pranks.

What’s New in Spoof Paytm

The newest v10.1 has gone through several changes.

  • User Interface enhancement
  • Improved app responsiveness
  • Android supported expanded
  • Translation update
  • Bug fixes

Spoof Paytm v10.1 is the most stable version released so far. If you’re having trouble with the application, make sure you’re on the latest update.

Spoof Paytm Features

It comes packed with enough features to prank anybody with a genuine-looking fake Paytm receipt. Knowing the features well and what exactly they do will help you efficiently use the app.

No Advertisement

The app is completely free to use and there is no in-app purchase that you can do. On top of that, the app is ads-free so you can use it without getting annoyed by unskippable ads.

Generate Receipt On the Go

Spoof Paytm
Spoof Paytm Receipt

In Spoof Paytm, generating a fake receipt is a no-brainer and anyone with common sense can easily create it. There are blanks given in which you can put the values that you want on the receipt.

Advanced Settings

This allows further modifying the receipt to make it look more personalized. In the advanced settings, you can choose to show the choice of your wallet balance, wallet TXN ID, etc.

Built-in Share Options

After generating your personalized receipt, you can use the share options to share via any medium i.e. Bluetooth, WhatsApp, etc. You can also take a screenshot and then share that, it is allowed as well.

Is Spoof Paytm Safe?

Spoof Paytm is totally a safe application that you can use on your Android. We have scanned it with VirusTotal and found no threats. Also, upon installing on Android with updated Play Protect, the scanner found no threat. Moreover, it asks for legit permissions such as Storage, Contacts, etc.

Make sure that you only use it for fun purposes or to prank friends. However, the receipt looks so legit that a novice can get tricked. So, be responsible when using it.


Paytm Spoof is a prank app that helps generate a similar-looking Paytm payment receipt with personalized details on it. You can generate the receipt with the details you want on it and prank anybody. The only feature that it lacks that would make it look absolutely original is the payment sound like Paytm.

So, that’s it. We hope you’ve got all the details you were looking for. In case there is anything you want to know, drop a comment below.

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