5 Ways to Save Battery Power In Laptop and Other Devices 2019

A battery is an important factor we ever want. More Battery life, more Power. New devices have no battery draining issue at the start but over the time it gets. In laptops and other devices, battery performance becomes Low over time of uses. Can you think why these things happen? Well, there are many reasons for Low Backups and Less Power stability. In this article, you will learn about “how to save battery power” and I also going to describe ways to fix your battery backups issue. So, stick with “5 Ways to Save Battery Power In Laptop and Other Devices”.

Now first let me clear some doubt before going to those Ways. Because the pieces of information I’m going to tell you, help you on the way of solving your Backups issue.

So, make sure you feed the information with a fresh mind. Now let’s get started.

Why Battery Gives Fewer Backups Over the Time of Uses?

Reason Behind Low Battery Backup

Battery start giving fewer backups over the time of uses because, In the entire of the battery, less chemical is present.

It gets Utilised in over the time of charges and uses. Like when you use your phone for calling, surfing, watching, etc.

During Charging Period those chemical become active due to electrical sensations. Those sensations actually help in charging the battery.

And Battery gets Low when chemical activeness becomes less. This is what happens inside the battery while charging and while utilizing the battery power. The battery Power availability totally depends on Active Charges.

Why Battery Power Exhaust Fast?

Reason Behind Fast Battery Down

Battery Power exhausts fast due to More power Utilisation at the same time.

In laptop and Computers, People complain about their battery. That their battery doesn’t stay last long anymore.

The Reason is their system using many application and functions. And it’s hard to identify.

It may be Background applications. The best way to check the Utilization of Processor is to check the activities through “Task Manager”.

Task Manager is basically a Program which shows the all-around activities happening on the computer.

Well, In the latest Windows (Windows 10), more functions have been added according to Microsoft.

So, you can understand why your laptop battery gets exhausted fast in windows 10 and not in Windows 7.

Charging battery for long hours is also the Reason of fast Battery Low. Continue your reading to get the full information.

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Why Charging a Battery for More than the Recommended Hours Cause Fast Battery Down?
Cause of Over Battery Charge in Laptop and Other devices

Most people who owned a machine with a battery as a running source have very low thinking. I’m not making you feel low if you are one of them.

They think charging a battery for long hours will give them long backup which is a very old myth. In reality, charging a battery for overtime will give the less backup than its real potential.

However, let’s take the example!

Suppose a sports person started taking food more than its potential. After a week he little bit overweighted. Now think, can he run as fast as he runs before getting overweight?

Of course, he can’t able to run fast as he runs before his overweight. The same condition is applied to Charing a Battery.

If you give enough (needed time) charging then the battery will run long. And if you charge it more than the recommended, it will leave you alone very soon.

Now let’s look at the solution to fix the battery draining issue.

5 Working Ways to Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other Devices 2019

Here are the 5 Real Working ways to Save Battery Power in Laptop and all the other screen Devices:

1. Use Lower Windows Versions

Ways Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other devices

Lower version of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7.

They have less function or Pre-installed application. The reason behind using lower Version of Windows is they have low System requirements.

Because the more function you have in your system, the faster your battery gets exhausted.

So, whatever you are using make sure you have less or required application in your PC or Laptop.

The reason behind more power saving in lower Windows is, it has a lower CPU, RAM, Disk usage.

When usage is more means system taking or consuming more power from your battery.

Most of Latest windows versions like Windows 10 have many software pre-installed which usually not required too many users.

Uninstall it immediately and you can save battery power.

I highly recommend you to use Windows XP or Windows 7 to save battery power.

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2. Use Less Software

Ways Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other devices

Less Software means to say use only required software, really needed software.

Most of the time we install all the application we have in our system.

And that’s the factor of the fast battery down.

Those all the software start running in the background after installation.

That software makes CPU usage increases, and it demands more power from the power source.

Well, you can End them through task manager but the problem starts again after a reboot of your system.

In the latest windows like windows 8 and 10 have the ability to disable them but not in Windows 7 and XP.

So, if you want to disable them in Windows 7 and XP, try the alternative method mentioned below.

The bottom line is, Uninstall all the useless software to save battery power.

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3. Maintain Display Brightness

Ways Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other devices

Display brightness is also a big factor of the fast battery down. However, more brightness requires more power consumption.

So, Set your display brightness at less, or in the sense adjust the brightness according to your environment of light.

If you are using an LCD monitor then install your monitor driver from the given CD.

That CD contains various drivers of your monitor included brightness adjustment application.

So, just Install and set it to low brightness and save battery power.

Or you can also adjust some color filters like saturation and hue in manual adjustment setting.

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4. Use Power Saving Mode

Ways Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other devices

Go to Control Panel>Power Option and set your Laptop or Device in Power Saver mode.

In power-saving mode, your Laptop or PC uses less power by reducing the performances.

And here’s my statement gets proved, “More Function needs more Power”. It truly saves battery power.

For advance adjustment set the screen into “turn off in 10 minutes” and “sleep in 5 minutes”.

So, whenever you leave your laptop or PC for 5 or 10 minutes, the display will turn off automatically and save battery power.

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5. Unplug or turn off the Useless devices

Ways Save Battery Power in Laptop and Other devices

Unplug every device which not in use include printer cable, Woofers, USB’s, Multiple LCD monitors, etc.

These devices consume power in on mode, cables also consume power. So, make sure you disconnect them all if not in use.

Turn off the WiFi and Hotpots if not in use, they also drain the battery fast.

If you are using a laptop then don’t add external keyboards and Mouse. Or just remove it after the work gets finished.

I know it makes you comfortable while working but for battery backups, you should avoid using them. Try to build a habit of using the inbuilt mouse and keyboard of the Laptop.

Sometimes some wires get heated especially in summers like HDMI cable and Power Supply Cable. You need to take care of them wisely for saving battery power consumption!

Give a rest, turn off the device for at least 10 minutes for refreshing.

Let them take Rest for cooling and it is very important because heat demands more electricity or power.

Even you should restart your devices at the end of your work, it makes them cool down.

So, do it and save battery power.

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For saving battery in Real, adopt less or Required functions (lower Windows Version).

Using less software and disabling Unwanted background services and processes results in power saving and more battery life.

Charge battery according to the battery manual, it makes your battery healthy and will able to survive for long.

Restarting the devices make your devices free from heat and give less pressure to the battery. So, try this too when you feel your Laptop battery is exhausting fast.

In the end, Give a Good Charge, take care of your battery, using less function will help you gain Good battery life. That’s it.

Hope you like my suggestion. If so, share it with your friends and family and embrace yourself.

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