10 Best Tips to Run Windows Faster in 2020

Want to Run windows faster? Most of the time windows slow down the speed of PC or Laptop. The reason behind this is More functions. New Windows comes with tons of features, Pre-installed apps. Did you know these apps consume some Space and RAM’s? Which slows down the speed. Well, there are some ways you can Make run Windows Faster. And this article is all about those ways So, Stick with “10 Best Tips to Run windows Faster in 2020”.

So, there are some Ways through any windows Start Run Faster. It just takes some minutes to make changes.

Most of the new windows come with many functions and pre-loaded apps. These apps catch some Space from your hard disk and RAM as well. Usually, PC and Laptop need Free RAM and Space to accomplish tasks. The More RAM and Space PC or Laptop has, the Faster it works.

10 Best Tips to Run Windows Faster in 2020

Disable Windows animations

Windows animation consumes the time of action, it reduces the work speed. Animation catches some RAM too in the animation process. To disable it and you will see the Impact further.

Here is the process to disable windows Animations:

  1. Click right to your computer and go to properties.
  2. On the right side click on Advanced System Settings.
  3. Click on the setting of the performance.
  4. Select custom and Remove the tick of the first three options of Animation.
  5. Apply it and press OK.

Disable Auto Updates

Sometimes Auto Updates of Windows update unnecessary things. It Updates everything includes Microsoft Product and that’s ruins the performances. An update is important but necessary or needed updates. Auto-updates automatically install the software which not needed and that software consumes RAM and Impact performances.

Here is the process to Disable Auto Updates In windows:

  1. Go to Control Panel, click on windows updates.
  2. In right Side Bar click on Change Settings.
  3. Set the Updates to “Never Check for Updates” or Your Choice.
  4. Tick on “Give me Recommended Updates”.
  5. Press OK.

Run Windows in Basic or High Contrast Theme

Basic or High Contrast Theme has No animation. It simply disables Unnecessary things like extra Visuals and set windows to run in the best mode. High contrast theme is for extreme speed gaining and it also makes windows look dumb. But Gives beast performance.

Here are the steps to set windows in Basic or High contrast theme:

  1. Right-click on the desktop.
  2. Click on Personalization.
  3. There you find three types of themes, My theme, Aero, Basic and High Contrast.
  4. Click on the theme you want.
  5. And done.

I highly recommend you to select Basic because it increases performance and looks pretty well than contrast. Contrast theme may increase performance more than Aero and Basic themes but it makes windows look dumb.

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Uninstall useless apps and Software

Most of us install a ton of software on their desktop than needed and later they start experiencing slow in performance. Those apps and software runs in the background and catch RAM, Processor, and Space. So, Uninstall useless software and apps to Run Windows Faster.

Here is the process to Uninstall Software from Windows PC:

  1. Go to control panel, Programs, and Features.
  2. Click on the software you want to Remove.
  3. Then click on Uninstall.
  4. Wait for complete uninstall and done.

Use Cleaner and Boosting Software

After uninstalling the software, some files still stay in a Directory folder. Cleaning software helps in scanning and removing. Boosting software helps in closing useless services that run in the background. Cleaner and Boosting software are very important to Run Windows faster.

Here is the process to clean junk files with CCleaner software:

  1. Download the Free Version from here and install.
  2. Open and tick in the boxes you want to clean.
  3. Then click on Analyze.
  4. After Analyze, Click on Run Cleaner.
  5. Then Go to the registry.
  6. Scan for Issues.
  7. And select the issues to fix.

Update Drivers

Drivers play an important rule in computers, it supports software to work. So for proper work, you need to update all the drivers of your Computer. Updated drivers fix the software glitches and lags, that’s why it is important to update the drivers to Run Windows faster.

Here is the Process to Update Drivers in Windows:

  1. Download and Install Driver Booster.
  2. Open Driver Booster and Click on SCAN.
  3. After Scanning the outdated driver will show up.
  4. Select the driver which you want to update.
  5. And Click on Big Update Button.
  6. Wait for the download and install, it’s done.

Do Defragment of All Hard Disk

Defragmentation fixes the Disk issues and increases the speed of file transfer. Defragment is much important to Run Windows Faster and that’s why we suggesting you.

Here is the process to Defrag disk:

  1. Go to the computer or My computer.
  2. Right-click on the Disk drive.
  3. Click on properties and then on tools.
  4. In Defragmentation, Click on defrag now.
  5. Then click on defragment the disk.
  6. Wait for the process and it’s done.

The Process is similar for all the disks.

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Delete Useless Multimedia Files

More Disk space means more speed. Wipe the files that useless for you to make free space included Movies you watched, Games you played, 100 times listened to songs, etc. You probably know what is useless for you so, Scan them analyze them and delete them to Make Run Windows Faster.

Do Single Tasking Every Time

Do a single task at a time to make the task done fast. Multitasking consumes more RAM So, they’re less memory available for those works which slow down the work process. So I highly recommend you to do single-tasking instead of multitasking to make Run Windows faster.

Here is the example of single-tasking:

  1. Do only Browsing instead of editing and Browsing.
  2. Watch only movies instead of downloading and Watching.

Disable Background Application and Services

Running Background Application and Services badly decrease the Performances. Most of the Application run in Background and catch some RAM and Space which reduce the Performances of Computer. By Disabling it you can make Run Windows Faster.

Here is the process to Disable background applications (In Windows 8 and 10):

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and go to Task manager.
  2. In the task, the Manager clicks on startups.
  3. Click on the software and disable it.
  4. Done.

That’s it. So, that’s how you can disable background applications and services on your Windows PC.

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For making run windows faster try to use less and needed functions. Use a limited function for Better performance.

Disable all the extra features like unnecessary updates, animation, background services to run windows faster.

I hope it helps in making run Windows faster! Comment below which tips you already use or like from my list? Share it with your friends and family and embrace yourself.

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