How Many Pages You Can Mail with One Stamp? 2020 Guide

As the first-class stamp rate has increased to $0.55 since January 2019, many of you will think about “how many pages I can mail with one stamp?”. This is actually a great question because knowing the answer to it can save you a good amount of money if you use postage service pretty often. Just think about you used 5 first-class stamps for sending your 15 envelop instead of 15 stamps in the past two weeks. On calculating, you have saved the cost of 10 first-class stamp that costs 0.55*10= $5.5.

Now, this might seem a little amount to some of you but let me say it “it adds up as months go by”. And so, for those who are not generous and like to save money on every spend on stamps then this article is for you. Well, here basically we will let you know how many pages you can mail with one stamp using the official calculation method. Let’s get started.

Weight Calculation Rules

If you don’t know, a one-ounce letter requires a first-class or forever stamp that currently costs 55 cents. That is a rule of thumb many of us already know. So, according to this rule, if your letter weighs two-ounce then it will require 2 first-class stamps that will cost 0.55*2= $1.10. Well, the cost can be cut to half if you use one first-class stamp plus one 15 cents stamp.

The post office has a variety of stamps, one of the value stamps comes at 15 cents that mostly used for envelopes to cover the extra ounce. So, to put things in perspective, you must use one first-class stamp for a one-ounce letter and if your letter is over one-ounce then use an additional 15 cents stamp to make up the extra weight. On calculation, it will cost you a total of 77 cents. It is almost 40% less than if you use two first-class stamps for a two-ounce letter.

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How Many Pages You Can Mail with One Stamp?

Previously, we described how the stamps used for letters or envelopes vary in weights. And we are sure that the explanation gave you a little idea about the main question. Now, the question that comes is how many pages you can mail with one stamp. Well, usually, a one-ounce letter can mail 4 to 6 sheets of standard paper with one first-class stamp. If you use hard paper then the weight of the envelope can increase which will also increase the overall postage cost.

With a two-ounce letter, you can expect to mail up to 12 sheets of standard paper. But in a two-ounce letter, you may or may not need to include 2 first-class stamps. For a two-ounce letter, you should use one first-class stamp & one 15 cents stamp. It is always a better idea to scale the weight and dimension of the letter to efficiently include sheets. Most post offices in the United States have a scale available, you can take your envelope & pages along with you and scale there for a better combination.

Know Paper Weight

By scaling the weight of the paper, you can know how many pages you can mail with one stamp using the above-explained weight calculation method. In case, if you don’t have a personal scale and the post office is far then you can know your letter weight using a different strategy. One of the finest strategies to know the letter paperweight is to figure out how letter paper ream manufacturers packages.

We have done the hard work for you, a standard letter paper ream comes with a total of 500 pieces of paper. Also, quantity and weight details stay printed on the ream. So, check out the ream from the shop you have purchased your letter paper. This will give you an idea about the weight of 500 pieces of standard letter paper. Now, you can divide the grand weight by 500 to figure out the weight of an individual paper. For example, if a 20 paper ream has 5 founds weight then every piece of paper would weight 0.01 pounds.

Once you figure out the weight of an individual paper, you will need to convert it into ounces for postal related work. 1 pound of weight has 16 ounces in it. So, to count the weight of an individual paper in ounces, simply multiple (0.01lb) by sixteen (.01×16=.16). This means a single paper would weight 0.16 ounces. So, that is basically how knowing the individual letter paperweight can help you figure out how many pages you mail with one stamp.

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Below, we have answered some of the most asked questions related to “how many pages you can mail using one stamp”. If this section doesn’t clear your question then you are welcome to ask using the comments below.

How many pages you can mail using one forever stamp?

With one forever stamp, you can mail up to 4-6 sheets of standard paper. If the overall weight of the envelope is over one-ounce then you will need to use a 15 cents stamp additionally to cover the extra ounces.

How many stamps do I need for 7 pages?

One first-class stamp or one forever stamp is enough to mail a one-ounce letter with 7 standard pages. If the weight of 7 pages & envelope is over one-ounce then you may need to use another stamp to cover the extra weight. Instead of using another first-class stamp to cover the extra weight, use a 15 cents stamp to save money.

How many pictures can I send with one stamp?

Pictures and letter papers’ weight is almost the same. And so, you can send 4-6 pictures using the first-class stamp but make sure the size of the picture is standard or small so it doesn’t surpass one-ounces. For sending large 4-6 pictures via postage, you will need to use one first-class stamp plus a one-ounce stamp. A first-class stamp will cost you $0.55 and an additional ounce stamp costs 15 cents.

How much is a one stamp?

The popular forever stamp or first-class stamp costs $0.55 as per the latest rates introduced in 2019. Other available stamps price vary, the cost pretty much depends on how valuable the stamp is. Also, at different platforms, you will find a different price of stamps. For example, platforms like Amazon, Walmart sells stamps at a higher price than what is officially available.

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Stamps are a valuable part of the mailing process and it is always a better idea to mail maximum pages possible with a single stamp. The cost of the popular first-class stamp has increased, using a stamp for every single letter you send can cost you a higher amount in the long run especially if you use postal service often.

We have worked out and created this detailed article to help you know how many pages you can possibly mail with one stamp. Let us know if there’s any query left in your mind through the comments down below.

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