What is OsuLogin on Android? Know all About it

OsuLogin is an Android system app that plays a very important role in providing you with an interface to connect to WiFi hotspots around you. Its presence is in almost all the Android phones that are out there, and it comes pre-installed with the stock ROM as a core system app. Without it, connecting to any WiFi hotspot wouldn’t have been possible.

The fact that we can now easily connect and recognize WiFi hotspots nearby on Android has only become possible due to OsuLogin. It allows to scan, connect, and save WiFi networks as profiles for automatic connection. Well, my vision with this article is to explain OsuLogin and everything about it because a lot of Android users have wrong perceptions of it. So, let’s get started.

What is OsuLogin on Android?

OsuLogin stands for Online Sign Up Login, it is one of the core system apps found in phones operating on Android OS. Its presence is in almost all Android phones regardless of the OS version or device model. OsuLogin is basically a system app that comes into use when we open WiFi for connecting to any nearby WiFi hotspot on our Android phone. It provides an interface that allows us to connect our WiFi device to the hotspot by entering the passcode.

Moreover, the OsuLogin app also remembers the WiFi hotspot if our device has access previously and makes an instant connection whenever found active and in range. It makes connecting to known WiFi hotspots seamless as we don’t have to manually scan and enter the passcode every other time. In Android, OsuLogin can be found with the package name “com.android.hotspot2.osu”.

How Does OsuLogin Works?

When we use the wireless connection technology available in our Android phone known as WiFi to access hotspot that provides internet, OsuLogin comes into use. After scanning for a nearby WiFi hotspot, when we click on a passcode-protected hotspot, OsuLogin provides the interface to make the hotspot accessible by entering the credentials.


Our Android first makes the connection with the encrypted Online Sign Up Login or OsuLogin server using the WiFi that then allows us to access the interface to connect to the passcode-protected WiFi hotspot. And once the connection to a WiFi hotspot is established, the OsuLogin creates a profile of it for automatic connection. The process might sound complicated but it happens internally within a second.

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Is OsuLogin App Safe or Is it Malware?

Many Android users when they find the OsuLogin app on their phone, they believe that it is a kind of spying app installed by someone. Some say that it is malware that steals users’ private data. Well, they have totally wrong perception of the OsuLogin app.

OsuLogin is simply an Android system app that comes into use when we try to connect to a WiFi hotspot nearby. And it is completely safe like any other system app. Its intention is purely good and barely harms you or your device in any way.

Still, if you feel like there is any malware on your phone, better to scan your whole Android apps using security apps. We can assure you that OsuLogin is a system app and doesn’t harm you.

Is it Safe to Uninstall OsuLogin App?

The OsuLogin app is an important component of your Android phone. It allows us to connect to WiFi hotspots nearby and also lets us manage them by creating profiles. Uninstalling it from your Android phone can create serious problems related to WiFi and wireless connectivity services. It is not recommended at all to remove OsuLogin app from your phone.

However, you might not be able to explore the online world using WiFi after that. Since there will be no medium to connect to any WiFi hotspot around. Also, uninstalling it will not only dysfunctional the WiFi ability but also affect other services related to it that are available on your phone. Therefore, do not think of uninstalling the OsuLogin app. Instead, try fixing the problem if there is any caused by it.

Fix OsuLogin Consuming too Much Battery

One of the known issues that are confirmed by many Android users is that OsuLogin consumes too much battery. Well, that can be true in some cases and in certain phones only. Usually, this problem occurs when you update the software of your Android phone i.e Major upgrades like Android 4.4 to 5.0.

Although the app size is very tiny and is unlikely to cause any issues, it can sometimes act rigorously and run 24/7 in the background. And that probably creates a bad reputation in the battery usage chart of apps. Well, that can be handled as modern OS has a battery optimization feature. Here’s how to fix OsuLogin consuming too much battery.

OsuLogin App
  1. Open the settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to Apps.
  3. Click on the three dots on the top right.
  4. Select Special access from the options.
  5. Then select Optimize battery usage option.
  6. After that, search for OsuLogin using the search tool.
  7. For full apps list access, set the filter as All.
  8. Then make sure OsuLogin is toggle ON.
  9. Done.

This will put OsuLogin into the list of battery-optimized apps and from now onwards it should consume very little battery.

OsuLogin App Permissions on Android

OsuLogin App doesn’t require any permissions on Android to properly function. It’s very specific and doesn’t require to access anything on phone. If you are curious to check its permissions then you can do that by yourself by going to Settings>Apps>System Apps>OsuLogin. What you will see is “No permissions required”.

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OsuLogin is simply a system app that comes with all Android phones. Without it, we cannot access the WiFi hotspots that are around us through our phones. It gives a medium that is encrypted to sign up for hotspots and also saves that as profiles once the connection is established for automatic connection in the future.

Being a system app on Android, OsuLogin is considered totally safe and makes no sense to uninstall. If it causes high battery consumption or heating problems by running 24/7 as a background process in Android, we can put it into battery optimized apps list to fix the problem.

So, there you have all the details about the OsuLogin app. If there is still anything we’ve missed about it that you wanted to know then feel free to comment below. We will be glad to answer you.

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