How to Make Android Phone Live Longer: 5 Pro Tips

Android becomes very friendly these days, a personal friend in our pocket. Whenever we feel boring, Android helps us to make the boring time pass. Right? And its kinda true. Now, remember the time when you are traveling by train or any vehicle. What something you have which makes your mood happy? It’s an Android Phone! Well, I know everyone loves their Android Phone because over time its become part of our daily life. So do you want your Android live longer? Remind the word “there is a sad truth that everything is temporary”. But there is still a way to make Android Phone live longer as it does. And this is what I’m going to talk about in this article. So stick with “How to Make Android Phone Live Longer: 5 Pro Tips” to make Android Phone live longer.

Again every Android has a limited time of living. But you can upgrade their living pack to Plus, In other words, there are some ways which work in increasing the size of Phone lives. If you follow these tips, your Android life will be extended to its normal potential of living.

Note: If you follow these tips then not only your Android life will be extended but battery life and component health will be maintained too.

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5 Pro tips to make Android Phone Live Longer!

Here are the Pro tips which help in extending your Android living:

Phone Charge management

I think you ever noticed your android battery. It starts losing its capacity over the days of use. Can you have an answer to why it happens? Most of you reading this don’t have the answer!

Well, there are some reasons which make battery capacity loss. Here it is…

The main Reason of Battery capacity lose:

  1. Overcharging Every time.
  2. Not full charging at least 80%.
  3. Using Phone in Hot condition.


Over Charging makes an android battery weaker. Whenever you leave your phone in charging even after 100%, the chemical inside the battery starts burning. And this is the most reason why your battery doesn’t run longer now even charging for a long time. The chemical in your battery has been burned away due to your lack of care!

The Android battery should be charged at least 80% every time. Who does it, are you? I’m sure you are not! The battery needs some charge back up to make work done with zero errors. For example, have your notice battery saver in your android device? It automatically turns on whenever the battery percentage reaches 15%, 10%, and 5%. Because the developer knows the charge is a very important factor in the term of completing work. And here my statement also approved!

Basically, Battery saver has been made to save battery charge through reducing the performances or functions. And it does well you probably experienced the last longer battery backup in saving mode.

Using Android in hot conditions can ruin battery fast and also take charging slow. The reason battery ruins fast in the hot conditions is because android doing the ton of task or big task at the time that requires huge energy. And due to requiring huge energy, the charge also gets implemented on that big task and that’s why charging the phone in heat condition takes a long time.

So, try to build the charging pattern for your android and don’t use your android phone when it gets heated. If you just care about this thing your android battery life will become better and also helps to make android phones live longer.

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Phone Protections

Phone protection is what really impacts in extending android live’s. If you daily throw your phone on bed, chair, tables, your phone always counting his last breath. One unjust throw can take the soul out from your lovable android. Trust me because these days 70% of android phones get dead due to throwing away on the bed, chair, and table. Well, Phone protection is not only about adding jelly covers that cover almost 4 sides screen edges to protect from getting broken, but you also have to care some other thing too like from water, and from stolen by others.

There are several things you should care about to make an android phone live longer. Here its.

1.  Android Phone Body

In android phone, the body is what counts first by consumers! Like how its Grip, Metallic or Plastic, Colours and stuff like that. Even massive features loaded phone can’t run in the market than Good looking android phones. Good looking android phone attracts much than the screen is broken or without the back panel. So the question is how you can protect the android body?

Well, small caring is enough to make an android body looks better forever. Small caring like adding some jelly cover, always place the phone in space don’t adjust it on table or chair, don’t place android near heat producers, don’t place water glass and Android together in a table, etc.

Even more, I suggest you purchase some small bag for your android phone which basically design to protect the device from outside harms. And I know you are able to spend on it because an android phone is a special part of a human’s life.

2. Make dust Free

If your android phone is two or three months older, you probably able to see some dust in the android body like in the Front mic, in Speaker, headphone jack, USB Port, etc. These are some places where dust is the must. Did you know dust in the entire android can injure the hardware?

Dust cleaning is also super important to protect your android phone! And I think you probably heard complaining people that their devices component not working. And this carelessness makes their android reach services center or near a mobile repairing center.

The dust almost a killing poison for your android phone. Over time it starts covering the upper part of the Android hardware and makes hardware working stop or sometimes fail.

So, clean the dusty areas of your Android and make Android Phone live longer.

3. Use the phone while it’s cool

Did you hear phone blasting? I guess you heard it because the topic is enough popular! Right? Most of the Phone blasting happens when a phone gets overheated. And this happens mostly in summer! So, do you wanna die your android phone? If not then use it when its temperature is down or normal.

Basically, the Android phone gets heated when the load in android increases! It increases when you play games, do multitasking and similar tasks.

So, whenever you feel the heat while you holding the android in your hand put the android in the cool place or in the normal temperature environment! Let it heat-free and then use it to get a better experience. This technique assures or makes an android phone live longer.

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Don’t Use risky Software

These days the amount of risky software extremely increased. They are not normal software’s, they are conditioned in a way that harms android through breaking security, policies. And the worst thing is most of us can’t identify their real face which lets the software done the harming process.

Most of the risky software installs automatically in the background. They don’t even come to the home screen or desktop to show their identity. The risky software starts running in the background after they install and consume the most of the android RAM and space which make android hands surrender.

Well there is a lot of antiviruses are present in the app store, antivirus has the ability to unleash the software faces. It can easily identify risky software and even delete or uninstall them with a click.

Some of the antivirus like AVG, Avast, Du Speed Booster, etc. are good at removing malware and risky software. Try any from them to get rid of risky software. These antivirus helps to make android phone live longer.

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System Software Upgrading

System Software upgrading is much important than anything to make android phone live longer. However, there is always a third party new version of software or app that is available which requires the latest system software to run.  If you run that latest third party software in your old system software, the chances of a phone crash increase.

The latest software actually enhances the performance and Optimises third-party software to run better. Because the latest software means bugs have been solved, quality and clarity have been improved.

So, you want to upgrade the system software of your android phone? Follow the steps to check for the latest system software upgrade:

  1. Go to settings and scroll down to the bottom.
  2. Click on the phone.
  3. Then click on system software or software upgrade.
  4. If your android is higher than KitKat then it automatically starts checking the upgrade.
  5. If you are on KitKat and lower then press check for update.
  6. Click on upgrade if the software upgrade is available.
  7. after downloading click on install and wait for install and reboot, done.

Upgrade the system software for third-party software compatibility and make android phone live longer.

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Do Insurance on your Android Phone

Do you ever scare to Lost, Broken, Stolen your android phone? Well, do insurance of your android phone to make it live for your desired time of life. Insurance means making your phone secure by purchasing advance services for your android. That service will take care of your Android phone even after losing it somewhere.

You can purchase those services through your mobile named company or from third parties. I recommend you to purchase from your mobile named company because they know much about their product than anyone. Point?

Insurance can actually expand your android living and I recommend you to do Insurance for your android phone to make an android phone live longer. This tip is ever good of all but it cost money, high money!

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There is no advance technology that extends your android live through feeding power from USB. You have to give your best care to your lovable android phone.

If you just care small things about your android like cleaning, refreshing it will be live more than its real potential.

In final the android living depends on us, how do we care, how do we use. If you give enough value to your android phone and care a little then it never leaves you alone.

I hope it makes your android phone live longer? If you enjoyed reading this Please consider share!

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