Jio Diwali Cashback Offer: Recharge Special Annual Plan at 1699 Rs

Jio Diwali Cashback Offer is a Very big Update coming from Jio Reliance. Mukesh Ambani, father of Jio has recently announced 100% Diwali Cashback Offer at Annual Plan of 1699 only. And this offer is available for all the Prime Members who subscribed Jio telecom network.

If you recharge this Pack this Diwali of then you will be free for 365 days. Means, you don’t need to recharge any Jio pack til next Dewali, if only you recharge this Jio Diwali Cashback Offer.

If you want a brief detail about this Big cashback offer from Jio then I recommend reading this full post. Because I’m going to give clear details about Jio Diwali Offer.

What’s Jio Offering this Diwali?

Jio Reliance has clearly mentioned in his app and website that this Diwali, you can recharge its annual plan at 1699 Rs only. And you can get 100% Cashback.

The 100% cashback comes in the form of Coupons in My Jio App. These coupons can be utilized while recharging any packs later.Jio Diwali Cashback Offer

Yes, that’s true!

And in its annual plan, you will 547GB Unlimited data + Free Voice calling for 1 Year. Those 547GB data can be delivered every day in the form of 1.5Gb.

And when your 1.5GB data gets exhausted then the speed of your Internet will be reduced to 64Kbps. With this pack, you will also get access to send 100SMS per day.

Now, let me show you how you can activate the Special Annual Plan of Jio.

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How to Activate Jio Special Diwali Annual Plan of 1699

Here is the straightforward process to Activate Jio Special Diwali Annual Plan of 1699:

  1. Install My Jio App on Your Android.
  2. Log in with your Jio Number.
  3. Tap on to “Jio Diwali Cashback Offer” Banner.
  4. Or, Go to Recharge Section, In 1.5 GB section select the annual plan of 1699.Jio Diwali Cashback Offer
  5. Click on Buy to process the Payment.
  6. Select your Payment Method (I recommend Paytm, Debit Card).Jio Diwali Cashback Offer
  7. Enter the Detail and Click to pay.
  8. Done.

After a Second of Activation, you will receive a message saying “you have just requested a Special Diwali recharge at 1699”.

If you got this message, means the plan is successfully activated on your Jio Number.

Now, let me show you how you can apply Voucher on 1699 Rs annual Recharge to save your little money.

How to Use Voucher on Recharging Jio Diwali Annual Plan of 1699

Here is the Process to Use Vouchers on Recharging Jio Diwali Annual Plan:

  1. Open your My Jio App.
  2. Go to 1.5 GB/Day section of the Recharge tab.
  3. Select 1699 annual Plan then click on Buy.
  4. At the top, click on the Apply Discount Voucher.
  5. Select your Voucher of 50 Rs or more and click on use it.Jio Diwali Cashback Offer
  6. A green tick will show when the Voucher will be applied.Jio Diwali Cashback Offer
  7. Pay the Amount 1649 using Paytm or Debit Card.
  8. Done.

By applying the Voucher you will save your 50 Rs. This means you only have to pay 1649 Rs for Jio Diwali Annual Plan.

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Things to Remember if you want to Recharge Jio Diwali Cashback Offer

  • Make sure you subscribed to the Jio Membership. This is very important because the offers of Jio is only available for its member.
  • You must have the latest version Jio App in your Phone. In order to get a special Annual plan in MyJio App, you should update it from Google Play Store or anywhere.
  • Remember to Appy Voucher at Payment time to save 50 Rs. Applying vouchers can be a Bonus for you because it saves you 50Rs. Means, you only have to pay 1649 Rs for Special Annual Plan.
  • Cashback can be credited in the form of Vouchers. The cashback you will win or get will be stored under the Voucher section. From there you can Redeem and Transfer it.

That’s it!

I think you should definitely take advantage of this Diwali Jio Offer because it’s really offering such a great deal.

So, are you going to Recharge for Jio Diwali Cashback Offer?

Let me know in the comment section. And share this post to your Family and Friends to get something Good this Diwali.

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