How to Make USB Bootable With Software and Without Software

Want to make Clean USB Bootable for Installing New Windows or other OS? Well, that’s not hard! There are numerous ways through which anyone can make USB Bootable. Installing windows with USB Bootable helps in installing a New and Fresh system. Installation through USB is better than installing from Hard Disk or Internal Storage. Because Through USB installation, you have the option to format your whole Disk without any glitch. So, stick with this article and you are going to learn “How to Make USB Bootable With Software and Without Software”.

You can make any USB Drive Bootable with Zero Errors. Most Low Built USB even Break out through some dangerous Process of making Bootable. Worry not my all Process is fully tested and real, it surely works with any kind of USB Drive.

So, as I mentioned in the headline you can make USB Bootable with software and Without Software. Basically, there are two methods but the process is different for Windows 7 users and Windows 10 users. Don’t worry I explain both. but let’s Know something First.

What is USB Bootable?

Making USB Bootable Means making USB ready to install files directly by your System through booting. USB Bootable allows the system to read and access the files easily. That’s the advantage of USB Bootable. In Booted Environment only USB Bootable drive is supported for installation.

So, somehow if your machine gets lost all the main files. You can fix it by Mounting New Software in USB, its Become USB Bootable.

How to Make USB Bootable without software

Well its too easy, you just need to paste all the files in a USB drive which inside in .img file. You can do this by accessing the .img file. But lower windows don’t have the ability to access them without burning on DVD. You can do that externally by taking help from such an application.

Here is the Process to make USB Bootable without software in Windows 7:

  1. Download Win RAR or 7-Zip to support the Process.
  2. Install and make it default by accessing Default Programs.
  3. Now select the file and click the right mouse button.
  4. then click the Extract to.
  5. after extraction, a folder will create with the name of the file.
  6. Open it and select all files by pressing CTRL+A and then press CTRL+C to copy.
  7. Go to your USB and paste it.

Now your USB is Bootable, you can install that file by restarting your PC or Laptop.

So, Now I have Been cleared the process of making USB Bootable without Software in Windows 7. Let’s clear in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

In Windows 8 and 10:

Windows 8 and 10 support .img file, it doesn’t need any external help to access So, the process in Windows 8 and 10 is gonna easy.

Here is the process to make USB bootable without software in windows 8 and 10.

  1. Select the .img file and click the right button of your mouse.
  2. or just double tap on the .img file.
  3. Now you are entered in the file.
  4. Just select all the files by pressing CTRL+A and press CTRL+C to copy.
  5. Go to your USB and paste it.

Now your USB is Bootable just restart and install the file.

In Windows 10, 8 you don’t need support to access the .img file.

Its support .img file by default. But in Windows 7 you need external support to access the .img file. Now let’s jump to another method to make USB bootable, by using the software.

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How to make USB Bootable with Software

Making USB bootable using software is simple and easy. No many software and processes needed just one software and one click.

This Software will do our work in one click. Basically, They directly extract the entire files in the USB Flash Drive and make USB Bootable.

1st Method: How to Make USB Bootable with Rufus Software

Here is the Process:

  1. First Download Rufus and Open it.
  2. It may ask you to update, just ignore or update.
  3. At the top select the devices which you want to make bootable.
  4. Now select the ISO file Option in the middle right side.
  5. And then click on the disk to select your ISO file.
  6. Browse, select and open the file.
  7. And Click the Start Button.
  8. After Completing, you did it.

Make sure you inserted the USB according to the file Size of ISO.

After completing just close and restart your Computer and Laptop to install from USB.

2nd Method: Make USB Bootable Using Virtual Clone Drive

Virtual Clone Drive creates Virtual CD Drive in which you can mount ISO Files and Install.

Here is the Process:

  1. Download and Install Virtual Clone Drive.
  2. After Installing, it automatically creates a Virtual CD-DVD.
  3. Select your File and click right to it.
  4. Select mount(Virtual Clone Drive).
  5. And all the ISO entire files will be mounted in the Virtual DVD.
  6. Just copy and send them in USB for Installing.

You can also install that OS directly with Virtual Clone Drive. Just mount the ISO file and process will same as USB.

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3rd Method: Using Power ISO Software

Power ISO is also a Software through you can Burn ISO Files in DVD and USB.

Here is the Process:

  1. First Download and Install Power ISO Software.
  2. Open up and Click On Tool Tab.
  3. Then Click “Create Bootable USB Drive.
  4. Now a new window will appear, Select Source Image.
  5. And Then select USB Destination.
  6. Final Click the Start Button.
  7. After Completing the Process, Close it.
  8. Now your USB is Bootable.

Note: It may take 15-20 minutes to complete, have some patience.


If you want one click USB Bootable then First try Rufus, it doesn’t need any registration and any kind of survey. Just one click and the process will start.

Installing Files using USB Bootable is Clean and Fresh Install and advantage are you got an option to play with your Hard Disk.

If somehow you get the error during mounting, just format your USB Drive and try again. Remember format should be done before a new try. I hope you like this Post? Comment How you make your USB Bootable? Today if you learned something new, share it!

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