How to Create a Free Android App on the Internet Without Coding

Creating an Android app is worth today. Because Android device has become the biggest platform and it has the most attention right now. Every 2nd children are using some apps on their android for a specific purpose. Even people above 60 started spending time reading news through a newspaper app on their Android. Television has become radio and Android has become television. Today, everybody watches shows and movies in the Phone, not on TV. And its because Android phone is the most friendly and affordable device to have.

Also, building an app is becoming a business, due to the attention transformation. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are obviously going to be very giant compared to what they are right now. And in the future, we will only have a few Android apps that will be relevant and useful. So, are you excited to create your own Android app? I’m also excited to guide you on making your own first Android app.

Well, here in this article, I will teach you how you can create an Android for free without any programming knowledge and coding skill. We are going to basically use some App builder that will ease the process of creating an Android app. Let’s get started.

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Online Tools to Create Free Android App without needing of Coding

Creating an Android free without having coding knowledge is not as hard as you think. However, there are many online tools that you can use to create a free Android app. After spending more than 2 hours I have found some stunning Free Android app makers. Here are the online tools to create free Android app without coding:

1. Appypie

Build a Free Android App

Appypie is the best app builder that requires no coding. Even you don’t need any tutorial to get started with it. Everything is very simple and any beginner can understand and navigate through the website. Appypie has easy Drop and Drag app building which eases the process of creating an Android app without coding. Let me show its features so you will be able to understand it more easily.

Features of Appypie:

  1. No Need to code: You can make a stunning app without the knowledge of coding.
  2. App Analytics: Know how users are interacting with your app using default Appypie analytics.
  3. Earn from your App: Monetize the app and start making money.
  4. Modify App: You can even modify and update the app and there’s no need to resubmit.

The best thing I liked about Appypie is it lets users monetize the app after complete the building. And it doesn’t even ask for commissions.

2. AppsGeyser

Build Free Android App

AppsGeyser is the fastest and the simplest app builder that also don’t require any fee. It’s free and with just a few steps, you can create your own Android-based app. Now, this app-building is beyond simplicity, any person with common sense can easily make their ever first app. To make it more easy to understand for you, let me show you its features.

Features of AppsGeyser:

  1. Easiest App builder: Every element the builder has contained is very simple and most of us know it.
  2. Fastest App maker: You can make an app within 30secs.
  3. Lots of App Templates: Don’t know what to make an app on? You can choose a template from over 70+ and can create your own app.
  4. Create an app and make money with official manual steps: AppsGeyser provides the step-by-step manual to create, publish, promote and monetize the app.

So, these are the two online tools that are very popular and best for creating a free Android app. As of now, you only know about them but the question arises how you can build your app using them? Well, let me teach you step-by-step.

How to Create a Free Android App without any Coding

Basically, I’m going to provide you instructions on how you can create a free Android app without coding using App builder. The best app builders that available on the Internet are AppGeyser and Appypie. So, here are the instructions to create an App using Popular app builders:

1. AppGeyser

Using a template from AppGeyser, you can easily create apps like messenger, browser, website, fake call, music, store, mobile TV, radio player, blog, fidget spinner and many more types.

Create a Free Android App

Even you can earn from it by uploading on App store and monetizing through ad networks. Let me first show you the instruction to create an app with this builder.


  1. First, visit AppGeyser and Sign-in or Sign up with Email and password.
  2. After that, click on the button “Create New App”.
  3. Now you have to choose the type of app you want to make. For example Browser, Messenger, etc.
  4. Here I’ve selected the Website template for me and it asked my website URL.
  5. Fill your Website URL and scroll down to select your suitable theme color.
  6. After filling the URL and selecting the theme color, click on the Next button.
  7. In the next window, you will need to enter your website Name so do that and click next.
  8. Then It asks to write a description, just simply fill what content you are going to put on your website and then click next.
  9. Upload App icon, I uploaded my website logo. You can also edit it by tapping on “open in the editor”, and once you are done editing, click next.
  10. Now, you need to click on the final Create button to let the builder combine everything you provided into an app.
  11. And after that, you will be able to download the app.
  12. Done.

Now you can download your created app by confirming your e-mail and you can also monetize it to make money. But remember, AppGeyser will take 55% of your earning from the app. If you are just starting in building an Android app and want to make money then you should definitely try AppGeyser in the first place.

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2. Appypie

Appypie is a fantastic website that allows anyone to create a free android app without any coding knowledge. You just need to Drag and Drop elements under the Builder and you will be able to make your own app.

Create a Free Android App

You can create a free Android app like an app for a church, for small startups like Restaurant, Radio Station online, and many more options are available. So, let me show you instructions to get started with this app builder.


  1. First, visit at Appypie and click on Get started.
  2. After, give your App a name and choose the category of your app and click Next. I have again selected the Website app.
  3. Mention your website URL and then click next.
  4. Now, choose the type of design you want in your app from options and after, click Next.
  5. Add features you want on your app like app pages, Design Customization, and Click Save & continue.
  6. Enter your E-mail ID and click on the Submit button.
  7. You will receive a shortcode in Gmail inbox, copy it and paste it on Appypie. It’s basically for verification.
  8. Once it gets verified, you will receive the app download link on your Gmail which you have recently provided.
  9. Process finished.

The downloadable link will be sent to your provided Gmail after a few hours, you should wait and have patience because sometimes it takes longer but you will definitely receive it. So, that’s how you can create and free Android app without needing any coding.

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Creating an Android app has become way easier, thanks to easy Drag and Drop app builder. These app builders even don’t charge for using their builder but these will take shares from whatever you earn from the created app. The best part is you can upload the created app on Google Play Store and other platforms and monetize with ad networks. You will have all the controls on your created app and you can even modify in the future using above app builders.

So, hopefully, you have got learned how to create a free Android app without coding? If so, do us a favor by just sharing this article with your friends. And help them to start their app building career.

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