How Much is a Book of Stamps? Price Details & Guide 2020

How much is a book of stamps? If you are looking for updated price details of the book of Stamps in 2020 then you have landed on the right page. The most important part of sending a letter or package is to have a stamp attached in the front corner. It shows that the package or letter is verified and all service cost is paid. Gone are the days when stamps were available in every book store, grocery store, and any local store.

Nowadays, it is hardly available in these stores and the only place from we can get it is Postal service office or Book stores. The change has happened due to technological advancement in communication. As stamp availability is rare, you should buy stamps in bulk especially if you need stamp often for sending letters or packages. Buying a book of stamps will also save you a few dollars as the cost cuts when you buy the whole book. So, if you are planning to buy the stamp role then you may think about how much a book of stamps cost? Well, it depends on the type of stamp and from where you are buying it.

What is a Book of Stamps?

A book of stamps contains around 20 stamps that used by letter senders & postmaster. It requires removing the back paper to have the gum in the back front and pressed calmly to the letter or package to attach. A stamp is only used once after removing the back paper & attaching it to the package. Also, buying a book of stamps considered a financial saving decision as it cost a little less than if we buy stamp individually. If you need to send multiple letters or packages then you should buy a book of stamps to minimize the cost.

How Much a Book of Stamps in the US?

The price of a book of stamps has grown over the years. In 2014, the price of 20 stamps in bulk increased from $9.20 to $9.80 which means a hike from 46 cents to 49 cents for US postage stamp. It was a $0.03 increase.

In early 2019, USPS (United States Postal Service) announced new postage rates that increased the rate of first-class mail postage to $0.55. This means, for a book of stamps containing 20 stamps, it will now cost $11. The price can be vary depending on the type of stamp, the place you are buying from, etc.

In the United States, people mostly use forever stamp as it doesn’t expire and can be used for sending a standard letter or package trouble-free. The forever stamp comes in different designs containing pictures of celebrations, monuments, and people. Due to the design on a stamp, the cost can increase or downgrade. Also, make sure you buy the right type of Stamp for your mailing purpose.

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How Much a Book of Stamps at USPS?

Book of Stamps price
A book of stamps rate at USPS store

USPS’s official store also sells stamps at the correct rates. If you don’t want to get fooled with stamp price and want to buy stamp role at the original price then the USPS store is the best place. At the online store, you can browse forever stamps in different designs and purchase the one you like. From the USPS online store, you can buy a book of stamps at as low as $11. The least size of the stamp booklet contains 20 individual stamps.

You can even buy a bigger book of stamps containing over 100 pieces of stamps from USPS, it will cost you around $55.

Stamps Desings that are available for purchase at USPS Online Store

  • U.S. Flag – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Holiday Delights – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Fruits and Vegetables – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Earth Day – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Wild Orchids – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Holiday Wreaths – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Military Working Dogs – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Frogs – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Sparkling Holidays – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • “Madonna and Child” by Bachiacca – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Christmas Carols – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • The Snowy Day – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Florentine Madonna and Child – $11 (20 Stamps)
  • Stamp Description: First Class Book – $11 (20 Stamps)

Visit USPS Store

How Much a Book of Stamps at Walmart?

Book of Stamps price
A book of stamps rate at Walmart

Walmart also sells a book of stamps in different designs but the cost is a little higher. The forever popular book of stamps on Walmart will cost you $15 and that is just for the product, the shipping charge will be added additionally. Also, unlike USPS, it doesn’t have the same price for other stamps design. Which means, the beautiful book of stamps will cost even more on Walmart.

Stamps Desings that are available for purchase at Walmart

  • Forever 2019 US Flag Book of 20 Stamps – $15 + shipping charge
  • Foreover First Class Postage Stamp – $19.97 + shipping charge
  • Earth Day First Class Stamp – $19.99 + shipping charge
  • Heart Blossom First Class Stamp – $17.95 + shipping charge
  • U.S Flag 1 roll of 100 Stamps – $71.99 (Free shipping)

See Stamps on Walmart

As you can see, Walmart selling books of stamps at a higher rate than USPS. We recommend that you only use the Walmart platform to buy a book of stamps when you are running out of option or if you don’t have time to go Postal office.

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You can find answers of frequently asked question about a book of stamps.

Where to buy a book of stamps at the cheapest price in the US?

One can buy a book of stamps at the cheapest price from local stores, Post office, Book stores, USPS store, etc. If you buy from other online retail shops like Walmart then it will cost you a little higher amount. Also, online stores will cost you more because it includes the shipping charges.

How much stamps includes in a book of stamps?

In a book of stamps, the least number of stamps that include is 20. A bigger book of stamps includes 100 pieces of stamps max. It is always a better idea to buy stamps in bulk because it also minimizes cost as compare to buying stamps individually.

How much a stamp cost in 2020?

As per the 2019 updated rates, a single stamp cost $0.55. If you buy the stamp role then it will cost $11. A standard stamp role contains 20 stamps.

Do stamp expires?

In the US, forever stamps don’t expire. You can use it after a decade and it will be valid. So, don’t be afraid if you are buying a book of stamps and thinking it will become useless in a few months or years.

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Final Thoughts

The stamp will be used forever and continue to play its vital role no matter how much technology in communication improves. It uses is everywhere and now comes with different designs containing historic moments or people or monuments. Having a book of stamps at home can be a good decision as it needed throughout everyone’s life. Also, its price increases almost every year so, stocking it will also save you some money in the long run. But stock it only if you know that you will definitely need it in the future.

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