How Many Stamps Do I Need? A Complete Guide 2020

How Many Stamps Do I Need? – It is another common question that arises when you are ready to send a parcel or letter through postal service. Stamps play a key role in sending a package as it shows important details about the package. Sometimes, a single stamp will be enough, and sometimes, you will need to attach multiple stamps to successfully send your package. Usually, when your package volume or size is higher, you require to paste more than one stamp.

It is necessary to know when you need a single stamp and when you need multiple stamps for sending your package. Also, it is prominent to include the right type of stamp made specifically for a type of package. As we all know that there are different types of stamps made for different types of mailing options. A comprehensive list of all available stamps is also included in this article. Well, here we will discuss How Many Stamps Do I Need? so your package doesn’t return to your address because of the lack of stamp on it.

List of Available Stamps & Their Uses in 2020

Before we show you how much stamps you need for sending different types of packages, let us show you the complete list of stamps that are available for use as of 2020.

  1. Airmail stamp: for payment of airmail services
  2. Booklet stamp: produced and issued in booklet format
  3. Carriers stamp: to deliver mail directly
  4. Certified mail: provides proof of mailing via a receipt to the sender.
  5. Coil stamps: tear-off stamps issued in vending machines
  6. Commemorative stamp: issued for a limited time to commemorate a person
  7. Computer vended postage: advanced secure postage
  8. Definitive stamps: for everyday postage
  9. Express mail: special delivery stamp
  10. Local post: used to mail to a local post
  11. Makeup stamp: a small valued stamp used to make up the difference when postage stamp rates increase
  12. Military stamp: a special postal stamp for armed forces of a country
  13. Mini sheet: a commemorative stamp issue, contains a different number of stamps
  14. Newspaper stamp: to pay the price of mailing newspapers and other periodicals
  15. Official mail stamp: government-issued stamp for government agencies
  16. Occupation stamp: issued for use by citizens in a country occupied by the forces of a foreign country
  17. Non-denominated postage: a stamp that remains valid even when the price of the postage stamp has increased
  18. Overprint: regular stamp, such as a commemorative stamp or a definitive, which has been changed after issuance by ‘printing over’ portions of the stamp
  19. Perforated stamp: referred to the stamps having perforations around the stamp, known as perfins
  20. Personalized stamps: custom made stamps allowing a sender to add images of their choice
  21. Pneumatic stamps: produced only in Italy, these stamps are used for sending items using pressurized air tubes
  22. Postage currency: stamps that are used as currency instead of postage stamps
  23. Postage due: a stamp that states postage has not been paid
  24. Postal tax: a stamp which states that a tax above the postage rate has been paid
  25. Self-adhesive stamp: self-sticking stamps
  26. Semi-postal: also known as a charity stamp, it requires additional payment for a charity
  27. Souvenir sheet: contain perforated or imperforate stamps as a part of its design
  28. Specimen stamp: sent to postal officials to identify valid and forged stamps
  29. Test stamp: used for testing in machines and scanners
  30. Variable value stamps: stamps that differ in rate based on the times of issuance by machines
  31. War tax stamps: a type of tax stamps that defray the cost of war
  32. Water-activated stamp: used generally, that can be stuck on by moisture.

So, these are the 32 types of stamps that are available for mailing purposes. Watching the above list, make sure you use the correct stamp for your own mailing purpose. Now, most of the people in America won’t need the majority of the stamps available on the above list. The standard stamp or forever stamp will be enough to send your letter or package. Let us show you how many stamps you need in different popular scenarios.

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How Many Stamps Do I Need?

In this section, we have provided accurate details related to stamps you need in different scenarios. If you are confused about how many stamps do you need for sending your package or letter through postal service then continue reading.

How many stamps do I need for sending a package?

Stamps needed for sending a package depends on the weight and dimension of the package. Numbers-wise packages less than 12 ounces or 0.75 pounds in weight will require one stamp. But if the package is less than 12 ounces in weight and has a large dimension then it might require more than 1 stamp.

How many stamps do I need for sending a standard letter?

To send a standard letter within the United States, you will require one first-class stamp or one forever stamp. The stamp must be placed at the top right corner on the front of the envelope. Again, if the dimension of the letter is higher than the standard letter size then you might need to attach more than 1 forever stamp.

How many stamps do I need for sending an international mail?

For sending international mail from the United States, you will need to use the Global Forever stamp provided by USPS. Its current price is $1.15 and in most case scenarios, one piece of global forever stamp for letters while 2 pieces for packages heavier than 12 ounces will be needed (the same amount of stamp will be used as for letters if the package weight less than 12 ounces).

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Stamps requirement for mails differs if weight and dimension differ. We have provided you an estimated requirement for different types of mails. You will get to know the exact number of stamps needed for your package to send via postage when you finally map the size & weight of your parcel or envelop in the post office. Also, the higher the size or weight of the parcel, the more you will need to pay at the post office.

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