The 3 Best Google Drive Alternatives

This article is written using Microsoft’s basic Office suite that comes with every Microsoft OneDrive account because Google Drive is down.

I’m sure many of you have relied on Google’s cloud storage and web-based Office service several times – and what’s not to like about it: it’s fast, reliable, and perhaps the best way to edit simple (and not so simple) documents and spreadsheets right in a browser window. But no matter how fast and reliable it is, it’s not perfect – let the thousands of user reports complaining about its outages be witness to this fact.

Google Drive Outages in 24 Hour

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However, if you, like me, have time-critical work to do, here are the 3 best Google Drive Alternatives you may want to consider using instead.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s own consumer-facing cloud storage service has come a long way since its launch in 2007. It was initially a cloud sync service built into Windows itself called Windows Live Folders (codenamed SkyDrive) then it was renamed Windows Live SkyDrive, and later, as Microsoft shifted focus toward the web, it became part of the Windows Live Office.

Google Drive Alternatives

Today, OneDrive offers its users 5GB of free disk space in the cloud that can be used to store documents, photos, videos, and such. It also comes with a handy Office extension that can create and edit Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notes, forms, and even plain text documents.

Zoho Writer

Using Zoho for everyday tasks like writing a simple Word document may sound like overkill but there are many who already rely on its suite of office tools, covering everything from a CRM to a helpdesk that chances are you already have access to it. If not, you may find that registering a Zoho account is swift and easy.

Google Drive Alternatives

Zoho Writer is a lightweight yet fully-fledged browser-based text editor with a surprisingly capable spell checker that will not only fix your typos but also give you suggestions on how to improve the readability and clarity of your text – something third-party services like Grammarly will charge you for. This makes it a perfect alternative to Google Drive for those who write for a living.


Finally, let’s not forget about the cloud-based office suite offered by the biggest tech company in the world: iWork by Apple.

Google Drive Alternatives

iWork is Apple’s own office suite with basics like Keynote (presentations), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (documents) available free with any version of an Apple operating system as well as online for every iCloud user. Its interface takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re accustomed to its competitors but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back. While Apple would not be the first brand you think of when looking for a free browser-based office suite, it is a truly worthy alternative to consider – especially if you’re a Mac user.

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