Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Stamps Price at Walmart in 2020

Does Walmart Sell Stamps? – A simple answer to this question is Yes. Unlike other retail stores, Walmart sells almost everything that we need on a day to day basis and that also includes stamps. A postage stamp is a mandatory small piece of paper that we need to successfully send a parcel or package through the Postal service. When you have to send a package in hurry but lacking a stamp creates a frustrating situation that often occurs to many people.

In this situation, the quickest way to get a stamp is to buy from local shops. Walmart is one of the great shops that are available almost everywhere in the United States. And the most interesting part of this store is it stays open 24/7. This means, even if you need to buy a stamp at 2 a.m, you can actually find it available at your nearest Walmart store. Well, here, we will answer the most asked question “Does Walmart sell stamps?” and also clear all the related queries that are important. Let’s begin.

What are the Stamps?

For those who don’t clearly know the definition of stamps, it is basically a rectangle-shaped small paper that Postal services publish to enhance the overall postage process and make it more secure. When a stamp attached to a package it describes the type of mail, payment status, the average weight of the parcel, the origin place of the parcel, etc. Parcels without any stamp get rejected in the post office and so, it is important to attach a suitable stamp on the front so that it can be easily seen and processed.

On envelope and parcels, it is necessary to attach the stamp on the top right corner. It is considered the best place to paste stamp. If you need to attach multiple stamps then paste it beside the first one (You can either paste the 2nd stamp to the right side or left side). Also, stamps are available in many types & designs made for different types of mailing purposes. The most popular stamp used in most of the cases is the Forever stamp. You can learn more about the different types of stamps and their uses.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps but it is not like other selling products. You will have to ask on the cash counter whether they have stamps available to sell or not. If you try to look directly for stamps in their store then you will waste plenty of your time and won’t find even after that. On the Walmart store, you will mainly find the Forever stamps book in which you will get 20 stamps at $11. Neighborhood Walmart stores might allow you to buy stamps individually. A single forever stamp costs $0.55 as per the new rates introduced in 2019. You can also read how much a book of stamp costs for more information.

Moreover, Walmart also sells stamps from its online store in different designs and variety. Also, from there you can buy a bigger role of Forever stamp that contains 100 pieces of stamps, it will cost you $75. Currently, at its online store, a book of Forever stamp containing 20 stamps comes at $17. And since it is less than a $35 purchase, you will need to pay the shipping charge as per the terms & conditions of Walmart.

So, as you can see buying stamps online from Walmart will cost you more money but it will also provide convenience by delivering it to your home.

What is the Best Way to Buy Stamps from Walmart?

If you really care about every hard-earned penny then we recommend that you buy stamps from the local Walmart store. Because unlike online shopping of stamps at Walmart, you don’t need to pay any additional charge at the physical store. Also, in urgent cases, you should consider the offline store because if you purchase stamps online from Walmart then it will definitely take hours or even days to deliver to your home address.

Shopping stamps online from Walmart are suitable when you don’t have access to its local physical store. Or if you need a specifically designed stamp that only available on its online store. The overall point is you will get options in your hand if you choose to purchase online like you can browse different types of stamps available at the store and make an order that you truly need. While on Walmart’s local store, you may not find the right stamp you need.

The bottom line is if you have access to its local store then first check for stamps there, if you don’t find it then you can purchase stamps from its online store. This way, you will be able to buy postage stamps from Walmart in the best possible way and that will also save money & time.

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How to Find the Nearest Walmart Local Store to Buy Stamps

Walmart has built a helpful tool for its customer that helps them find the nearest local store by entering common details. You can go to Walmart’s Store Finder tool page, the tool will ask you details like Zipcode, City, State, etc, and will display the nearest store with a detailed direction and where the store is exactly through a Map.

Walmart Store Finder Tool
Store Finder Tool by Walmart

In case if you don’t know the area details or where you are currently then you can allow the tool to access your location via the GPS feature on your smartphone. After that, the tool will display the available stores that are near you.

Payment Options at Walmart

Walmart accepts payment through many different mediums, you can choose the best option available for you and pay for the stamps. If you buy stamps from its local store then you can pay via Debit/Credit card, Cash, etc. Sometimes, you can also pay at the local store using online payment apps or services. Card & Cash is the popular payment medium for paying for stamps at Walmart.

If you buy stamps from Walmart online store then you will have a good number of payment options i.e Debit Card, Credit Card, Paypal, Chase pays, Amex Express, etc. Remember, if you buy stamps online from Walmart then you will be paying extra money for the shipping charge. Also, the prices of stamps at the online store are a bit high.


Here, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about stamps on Walmart. If you want to know the answer to a specific question that is not covered below then you can ask through the comments below.

Does Walmart neighborhood sell stamps?

Walmart and other retail shops are authorized to sell stamps provided by USPS. Local retail shops don’t always stock stamps, in that case, you can go to your neighborhood Walmart store and buy stamps. Bigger stores like Walmart always stock stamps and the chances of unavailability of stamps at the store are very rare.

How much are Walmart stamps?

Stamp’s price at Walmart’s local store doesn’t vary from what USPS has officially declared. Its $0.55 for an individual First-class forever stamp. But if you buy stamps from Walmart’s online store then the price & overall cost can vary as it includes additional charges such as shipping charge.

Does Walmart Canada sell postage stamp?

Yes, you can buy postage stamps from Walmart’s Canada specific site ( On the website, you can buy a book of stamps that contains 20 individual stamps. You can check Walmart’s Canadian version site for price & other details.

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Walmart does sell stamps and they also have all the popular Forever stamps that we usually need to send a package or envelop through the postal service. Unlike other stores and online shopping stores, you may find stamps at the best price on Walmart. Obviously, the price at its online store is a bit high and you also need to pay an additional shipping charge. Overall, buying stamps from Walmart will worth it especially if you buy stamps in bulk.

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