How to Create an Android App for Free and Make Money Online

Creating an App is the way where you unlock the Money door for yourself. Actually creating an app is the best and easy option for teenagers to make money online. It normally takes a piece of days from your life and after your life will be flowing with money flood. Haha! So, bang on this article and you are going to learn how to create an App for free and make money from it.

So, only these are enough? I mean create An App for free and then make money!

Nope, let me clear your expectations. You should learn first then come to action because the knowledge you can feed is never going worth waste. Right?

Now the question comes how you can build your app for free? My answer is “through eating snacks”. Yes! You don’t have to spend a lot of time like years or months. But it may take several months to achieve greatness on the field.

So, let’s see how to and where to Build a money-making App…

Platforms for Creating free Android Apps

You can create it on the internet and with some website that provides a free app builder. The bonus is you have an instructor for building with 0 pence.

Here is those free app Builder:

1. ThunkableFree App Maker

2. Appy Builder

Free Android App Builder

Thunkable and Appy Builder are the best free app builder on the Internet. I personally used them and I’m writing this article based on my experiences.

Tips to Create an Android App on Thunkable

  1. Thunkable is a Platform were anyone can Build their own app without any coding and Money.
  2. It has a drag and drops editor which makes your building easy and Faster.
  3. You don’t have to spend a year and a month on building except for Beast type apps.
  4. Thunkable have the ability to create Modern apps and games like Temple Run, Racing games, Shooting games and more.
  5. With Thunkable you can create apps like calculator, earning apps, learning apps, web apps and many more.
  6. And the most you can monetize your app with AdMob which incredible! Right?
  7. You can sell your app on an E-commerce website through Push Notification.
  8. You also have permission to upload your app on the Google Play Store.

Thunkable is a good and well platform for a beginner. So I recommend you to must try this builder.

Tips to Create an Android App on Appy Builder

  1. Appy Builder is also like Thunkable functions. It also allows anyone to create an app for mobile for free and without coding.
  2. It has a drag and drops option which enables you to create your app faster and easy.
  3. You can Monetize your app with the AdMob network and earn.
  4. You have permission to distribute your app to stores.
  5. With Appy builder, you can create amazing apps like File Manager, Social App, Browser, Media Player, Video Player, File Compression and Many more options are available.
  6.  No coding needed, just need your common sense to create your app.
  7. Ability to Create Action games through it and monetize with Admob.

I must say free with quality! Huf.

Appy Builder has a community that makes your learning easier and understandable. So, get up your head.


Thunkable and Appy Builder are similar, they have the same editing functions but have different components. They are free to use and you can monetize your created app with them.

Learning both the software can also give you a chance to make money by teaching others. You can also charge others for building apps for them. A basic app has a price range of 500$. Why not do the job you love.

My Opinion

Actually, I have no Opinion today because both are best in app building, I personally tested them. The good thing I like in them that they won’t take any cost for providing an app builder. And this is what I like the most. Try, Learn, Create and earn!

Hopefully, you got learned something new? If so, thanks to us at least by just sharing this article with your friends.

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