4 Best mCent Browser Features You Should Know to make the Most of it!

The mCent Browser is now more than just Free Recharge App! It’s Developed and I believe it can beat most of the Famous Browser with its Awesome features. Curious to Know 4 best mCent Browser Features? Have Some Patience because you are going to learn too many things about mCent Browser. It is the next going popular Browser for Android. However, the user on mCent is increasing rapidly according to mCent.

Probably due to its nature of giving free Recharges. Apart from its nature, mCent is a very Good Browser till now. Because it runs fast, gives free money, App is Battery Friendly and More. Let me show you what it actually provides to its User!

What mCent Browser actually Provides?

As it is a Browser, it provides a Good User experience, top news, an article in trends, and Fast Surfing. That is what a Good browser Do?

Yes, of course. Even Chrome (the best Browser of all the time) does that. And yes you can guess that mCent is 75% similar to Google Chrome in structure and functionality.

Best mCent Browser Features

Google Home But the real value it providing is through Giving free Recharges that No Browser is providing.

And that’s why it’s going to lead in upcoming years! Because everybody wants to earn while surfing.

Now, let me show the Features that are amazing and every browser should have.

4 Best mCent browser features

Here are the top 4 best mCent browser Features that you should know if you use it:

1. Night Mode

The night mode in mCent looks super amazing while it’s on. In night mode, the brightness on the main screen gets reduced or low which less damages our eyes.Best mCent Browser Features

This makes us search and learn more on the web using the mCent browser.

To turn Night mode on, just open your mCent Browser then click on the navigation menu and then click Night mode.

After clicking, in seconds the night mode will start working and start saving your eyes from high lights.

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2. Ad Block

This is something going to help to search and visit any Website fast. Adblocking is something you have to know in this ad bombardment generation.

Because almost all the Websites on the internet uses ads to make a profit without caring for their readers.

You are the readers and it’s your problem that how you can Squeeze that knowledge from a particular page to improve your knowledge.

Well, ad blocking is one of the best options you can choose to encounter those ads from appearing.

In mCent Browser, you just have to navigate to the menu option and then activate the “AD Block”.Best mCent Browser Features

And it automatically starts encountering the various ads on websites.

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3. Incognito Mode

Want to hide your searches? Just activate Incognito mode!

The incognito mode is such an amazing feature in mCent Browser. Today in all browsers, it can be found in settings.

The feature is quite useful for bad guys! However, there is a dark side on the internet that I can’t even talk to here. But can give you hints to understand.

Too many youngsters are busy with the Dark side on the internet that helps them to get entertain for a while.

But the data get saved in the Browser and they get caught by their parents. Incognito mode will save you in this situation.

However, in Incognito mode the data of searches never saves means you can’t get caught by your parents. This is what you want?

To use this feature on mCent, just open the app and click on the three-dot line (menu) to explore tools. There you will found Incognito Tab, just click on it and activate.

Now in that tab, you can do whatever you wish without the fear of getting caught out!

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4. Request Desktop

Don’t have a desktop or Laptop? Enable Desktop mode on Android to enjoy the Desktop features!

Request Desktop mode is quite popular and almost every 3 Browser has this feature. But not all of them have.

The feature allows mCent users to view web pages in desktop mode. This means you can access any web page in the desktop page version.Best mCent Browser Features

And there is some advantage of using request Desktop mode.

With this you can navigate on sites easily, you can do work efficiently, you can enjoy the full version of a web page and more.

And to know you, you can do any task on the web that you can do with a Desktop or laptop.


The mCent Browser is fully developed and has the ability to beat the most popular browsers like Chrome and Opera.

The 4 Best mCent browser features that I describe above are rarely found on most of the Browsers.

mCent is going to outrank in upcoming years because of its giving value beyond measures.

So, I hope you loved my thoughts on mCent Browser Features. If so, please share, like, tweet at least and helps your buddies to learn and grow.

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