How to Backup and Restore Contacts in Android Phone Easily

Are you about to reset your Android phone and want to backup contacts? You have chosen the right decision. Backing-up the whole contacts list on Android phones is a great way to not lose them after formatting. Most new Android users just reset their Android phones and soon get lost the whole contacts that were saved on the phone. But you are blessed today because Google has dragged you in this awesome post by putting it on top. So, it’s my responsibility to guide you probably on backing up contacts and restoring them on your Android.

Making a Backup of Contacts on Android phones is not that hard you think. On most of the Android phones, the default contact app allows exporting all the contacts in storage. And this is what you are going to learn today.

Sources to Backup Contacts

There are also some Android Apps built for backup and restore contacts. Google Drive is also very well known for this. But in the end, all these external things require your RAM and store. And if you turn on the automatically Contact backup in Google drive. Then may your Android battery run out fast. Because the driver will scan the contacts on the phone every second after activating.

Best Way to Backup and Restore Contacts of Android Phone

The best way I found to backup Contacts and restore is the default contact app. And Google Drive for more assured. These two options are best for backup and restore contacts. Now, let me show you how you can backup and restore your Android Contacts easily.

Using the Default Contact App

This method is the recommended method from Because it’s easy, requires less time, needs no external support. Here are the steps to backup contacts on Android phone using the default contact App:

  1. Open the default contact app on your Android phone.
  2. Go to settings from three dots (you will find it on right or left top corner).Backup contacts
  3. Select Contacts. Once, you click on settings you will get two options; call and contacts.Backup contacts
  4. Tap on contacts and then import/export contacts.Backup contacts
  5. Hit export to Device storage, confirm it.Backup contactsBackup contacts
  6. You will shortly receive a message saying; contact is exported as the [.cvf] file.
  7. To restore the exported contacts again go to>contact app>settings>contacts>export/import and select import from the device.
  8. Browser the .cvf file from Device storage and import it.
  9. Once you did the import, it will take up to 4 minutes to reflect all the contacts.
  10. Done.

Follow the above common steps to export/import contacts of Android. Make sure you export the contacts in external storage like SD card or USB. Especially if you are going to format your Android phone. Because in the formatting process, everything gets erased.

Now, let me show you the second method to backup and restore contacts in Android phones. It is Google Drive.

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Using Google Drive

Google drive is an alternative method for backup and restores contacts. And using this method required some settings to turn on. Like auto sync and personal backup from Google drive. Let me guide you on Google drive too for backing up all the contacts of the Android phone automatically.

Here are the steps to Automatically backup contacts in Google Drive:

  1. First, make sure you have logged in with your primary Gmail on your phone. Because all the contacts will get saved into that.Backup and Restore Contacts
  2. Go to Android settings.Backup and Restore Contacts
  3. Select account>Google.Backup and Restore Contacts Backup and Restore Contacts
  4. Tap on the Gmail you have added in your Phone.Backup and Restore Contacts
  5. Checkmark the Sync Contacts.Backup and Restore Contacts
  6. Press on three dots from the right top corner.
  7. Hit Sync now.Backup and Restore Contacts
  8. Done.

Once you hit the Sync Button after check-marking the Sync Contacts. All the saved contacts on your Android phone get saved into your Gmail account. And Gmail data will get saved into Google Drive. Once you have done all these steps, enable backups in your Google Drive. If you have the app installed on your phone, you can do that by>Google Drive>three dots>Backups>Enable the Settings.

After enabling the settings in Google Drive, all the data from Gmail will get backed up in Google Drive. And to restore the contacts, just sign in with the Gmail account that you have enabled the Sync Contacts and in a matter of seconds, all the saved contacts on Gmail will get exported to your Primary contact app. It will take some time to reflect on all the contacts on your new phone. It totally depends on the internet service you have on your Phone. All these processes require an internet connection.

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In my honest opinion, I recommend everybody to not use these external sources to backup contacts. The default contact app is enough capable of handling the backup and restore process. But if you are a business holder or work in a corporate sector where you store important contacts then I highly recommend using Google drive automatic contacts backup. Using this will ensure no loss of contacts in the future from your Android phone.

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