6 Most Daily Uses Android Apps that Eat Battery Power Fast

Does your Android battery power exhaust fast? This happens most of the peoples! And the laughing fact is they don’t know how and why their battery doesn’t stay for long. Well, there are some apps that Eat battery power fast. They are not common, they are addictive and we are addicted too. That’s why you experience battery losses. So, I finally identified those apps that Eat battery power faster. Stick With “6 Most Daily uses Android Apps that Eat battery Power-Fast” to know and fix them.

We also gonna tackle them to solve the fast Battery power loose problem. Now I didn’t go to suggest you leave or Uninstall them permanently but a way to fix the problem.

Because may these Apps important for you or your work. So let me introduce those apps that Eat Battery fast.

6 Most Daily Uses Android Apps that Eat Battery Power Fast

Here the most uses apps that eat Battery Fast than normal apps:


YouTube is in trend these days, especially in India. Due to the JIO impact, every Indian person started watching videos on YouTube. Over the past years it becomes daily uses apps, Mom watches the variety of dishes, sister watches beauty tips, Boys watches BB ki vines and Carry Minaty. Well, YouTube Basically Stream the Video Online through app and website which takes huge battery power.


Facebook is also in Trend’s application. I think every Phone and Computer user have a Facebook ID. Facebook is made to make people engage in. That’s why half of the population uses Facebook for 4-8 hours a day. Yes, 4-8 hours! I know its crazy thing but its true. Facebook is the 2nd most popular social media platform. It loaded with tons of features like the advertisement, Product Promotion, etc.  Facebook includes messenger is the 2nd apps that eat battery fast.

UC Browser

It is a Chinese Browser founded by Ali Baba Group. This app is famous for download movies and Games. Most people use it for downloading files only because it Gives good speed while downloading than other browsers. It has also extra features which are useless but most use it and that eats battery fast. Like Facebook Notification, Cricket Match Notification, News, Bollywood, etc. Which is Basically not needed in Browser.


Jio TV is a Complete Solution for those doesn’t have a TV in their home. This app basically streams video online for Free of cost.  And Who’s like to pay if it’s available for free. So most people use it for watching their TV Shows. As it is the Online Video Streaming App it Eats Battery More Faster.


HOT-STAR is also Popular in streaming TV shows include IPL Match, Movies, etc. This app gained popularity very fast in India because it Streams TV Show for Free. This is another app Video Streaming App which Eats Battery Fast. This app even Push Notification of TV Shows After Installing.

My Jio

If you are Indian then you probably know this application of android. JIO users manage their accounts using this App. Like for Data Usage, Plan Details, Data Details, etc. It the worst app that eats battery fast. It has Many Unnecessary features like Voice to Action, Advertisement, Recommendation and Runs in Background 24/7.

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How to Fix Battery Drainage Issue due to Apps?

If you use the apps which I listed above, then follow the steps to fix battery drainage due to Apps:

1st Method:

  1. Go to Setting, App manager.
  2. Click on Running.
  3. And Close all the apps Services.

This process will stop their works in Background and make your Battery stress Free. If it does not work for you then continue your reading.

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2nd Method:

  1. Download and Install Greenify App from Play Store.
  2. Open Up and add all the apps in it by Pressing “+” Button.
  3. Then click on the added app and Hibernate it.

Hibernation closes the application services. And if your phone is rooted then Greenify supports your Device more in hibernating purpose.

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Close all the background apps to improve your android battery life. Because they are the main reason behind Low Battery Performance.

Forcing stop the running apps through app manager will make your android battery stress free.

Restart your Devices if you feel your battery of android draining fast. This will close all the background applications and gives a kick to your Android Battery.

I hope it helps… Comment below which app you are using right now which I honestly Listed. Share this Information to your friends and family and embrace your name!

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